Jim Knight

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Jim Knight teaches organizations of all sizes how to attain their own “rock star” status. Although his illustrious career started at Gatorland Zoo in Florida (he has scars to prove it), Jim cut his teeth in the hospitality training industry and eventually led Global Training for Hard Rock International for two decades. His customized programs show how to amp up organizational culture, deliver world-class differentiated service, and build rock star teams and leaders.


Known for his signature spikey hair, Jim is the best-selling author of Culture That Rocks: How to Revolutionize Your Company’s Culture, which was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the “5 Books That Will Help You Transform How You Do Business”. His new book, Leadership That Rocks: Take Your Brand’s Culture to Eleven and Amp Up Results, launches May 2021. A portion of Jim’s book sales, podcast revenue, speaking fees, and training program proceeds go to No Kid Hungry and Cannonball Kids’ Cancer.


Speaking Topics - 


LEADERSHIP THAT ROCKS: Take Your Brand's Culture to Eleven and Amp Up Results


  • Producing a Virtuous Environment
  • Hiring Rock Stars
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement
  • Creating an Army of Giants
  • Amping Up Communication
  • Fostering Mentorship and Accountability
  • Becoming Heart-Centered
  • Developing Emotional Bank Accounts


This program will deliver rapid-fire best practices that any leader can immediately put into practice, starting them down the path to rock star success.


CULTURE THAT ROCKS: How to Amp Up and Revolutionize Company Culture


  • Defining Company Culture
  • Understanding Heritage vs. Culture
  • Identifying 3C Employees
  • Creating Brand Ambassadors
  • Amping Up Communication
  • Enhancing Employee Engagement
  • Handling Organizational Change
  • Developing Resiliency


Regardless of your company’s cultural history or status, this program will inspire attendees to take up the challenge of enhancing their organizational environment.


SERVICE THAT ROCKS: Create Unforgettable Experiences and Turn Customers into Fans


  • Becoming Customer Obsessed
  • Delivering Personalized Experiences
  • Avoiding Acceptable Mediocrity
  • Eliminating 4-Letter Words
  • Creating Raving Fans
  • Building Mental Shelf Space
  • Writing Yourself into the Story
  • Increasing Value Proposition


With edu-taining practical advice and actionable tips, this program gives you the ultimate set list to avoid mediocrity and create service so memorable it will transform your customers into devoted fans of the brand.


BUILDING A ROCK STAR TEAM: How to Find, Develop, and Keep Brand Ambassadors to Produce Iconic Results


  • Understanding the Drivers of Today’s Workforce
  • Finding and Retaining Top Talent
  • Overhauling Onboarding
  • Revolutionizing Training Concepts
  • Designing Effective Collateral
  • Embracing Technology
  • Amping Up Communication
  • Utilizing Performance Management Tools
  • Realizing the Power of Storytelling
  • Fostering Mentorship and Development
  • Celebrating Philanthropy


All business results (good or bad) occur because of human behaviors. This program explores specific strategies to empower, inspire, and elevate your employees... creating a team of rock stars for your organization.

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"In 20 years of producing events for blue chip brands I have never seen such an engaging speaker as Jim Knight. His content is compelling, informative, relevant to the times, and most importantly, very emotionally engaging. The audience was absolutely engaged for two straight hours as Jim articulated his philosophy on bran building with incredible stories and characters from his experiences. We will be bringing him back!"


"You're nuts if you don't do whatever it takes to book this guy at your next event. Jim Knight is epic!"


"Jim's knowledge, expertise, and passion on a variety of topics is beyond impressive. His ability to present important substantive ideas in compelling ways that inspire is truly a gift. There's no way to leave one of Jim's sessions without feeling energized, inspired, and ready to start a revolution in your organization."


"As a meetings and events industry veteran, who knows so many speakers personally, I think Jim Knight is a rare gem amongst the rest. Hearing Jim’s presentation on “Service That Rocks” helped me to find and hit the ‘reset’ button in my approach with my current and potential clients. It was just the reminder I needed about the importance of my service level and how I can use my outstanding service to win customers for life."