Jimmy Spencer

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As a sports media executive, Jimmy Spencer has built lasting and deep relationships among the world’s most influential athletes and influencers within sports culture. While Jimmy’s success and expertise is in storytelling and content, he has carved out a unique path in the mental health space. Jimmy has struggled through intense anxiety since childhood, and that struggle has manifested itself through panic attacks, claustrophobia, OCD, dizziness and other physical symptoms that have interrupted his professional and personal life. Finally recognizing the seriousness of the issues that anxiety was inflicting, Jimmy found healing in the form of a specific treatment and now seeks to bring that methodology to all communities. Jimmy speaks to mental health in tangible ways with practical solutions and practices.


He speaks to how it plays out in both professional and personal relationships and how if not solved for, it can get in the way of workplace culture as well as individual and team productivity. Jimmy believes all people are born inherently good and every person has a purpose, yet traumas big or small can often leave scars that show up in negative beliefs and cycles of behavior that impede our ability to succeed. Change is possible. Jimmy is the co-founder of the Cheatcode Foundation, a unique organization that partners with athletes, musicians and artists to heal their traumas and in turn bring that healing into the communities and spaces which lack the resources to afford or access mental wellness care.

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