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Joel has been building online businesses since 1995. His first website was amongst the first 18000 sites in the world, and his efforts have brought experience in creating and selling websites, licensing content, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing, blogging, podcasting, online video creation, social media marketing, joint ventures, mobile app creation and marketing, authoring books, public speaking, conducting live training events and more. Joel hosted and produced the world’s first competitive Internet reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire. He also created a #1 best-selling iPhone application which became one of the most talked about novelty iPhone apps of all time. As the host of The Bad Crypto Podcast and The Nifty Show, Joel is on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse. Joel is always exploring new methods of leveraging his expertise and technology to educate, inspire and entertain others.

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