Jolynn Swafford

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I am on a mission to help you build a life and business that YOU love. Together we will realize the purpose of your life and bring self awareness to the things holding you back. Once you realize the purpose of your life I want to be the teacher and coach to help you on that journey to your greatest life. I’ve been blessed with tons of life experiences. Mostly good, but still lots of bad. But I triumphed and I’m here now teaching others how to realize their dreams. Pretty awesome. Life has taken me through divorce, addiction, sudden job losses, bankruptcy, and even a little jail time. But it has also handed me a beautiful second marriage, children that are so good it makes you cry happy tears, an incredible coaching business and a dream home right on the Pacific Ocean. Yep. I’m doing good. Oh, and shake that up with solid formal education, including a masters in business… Yes, I’m equipped for the mission. Let’s do this together. Jolynn is a Certified Motivational Coach with ICF and a Certified NLP Practitioner and lives in Huntington Beach, CA.

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