Jovan Glasgow

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Jovan Glasgow is a high-performance coach, inspirational speaker, author, and the founder of TEOS International Inc., a mental wellness company aimed at supporting and developing the mental wellness of its clients, team members and customers. Glasgow, for the past ten years, has been successfully empowering Fortune 500 companies around the United States. He has worked with brands such as T-Mobile, the Green Bay Packers, Aspen Dental, and CNMLLP. His team of mental health professionals provides counseling, coaching, and mental wellness workshops, all designed to improve mental health and exceed mental wellness goals. 


Glasgow ranks on Yahoo Finance’s #2 Top 10 Motivational Speakers to watch in 2021, as well as Choice point’s Top 30 speakers around the world. His PX3LIVING method and his dynamic presentations help align personal and professional development to optimize performance while helping companies create a strong, unified culture. Glasgow also helps organizations overcome today’s “information overload” epidemic by providing practical systems to increase productivity. Most importantly, Glasgow’s mission is to bring clarity, confidence, and fulfillment into the workforce, with the message that “You were made on purpose, for a purpose.” 


Individuals, teams, and corporations that work with Jovan benefit from an enlightened understanding of advancing a more enriching and successful personal and professional life.

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