Julian Placino

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Julian Placino is a recruiting consultant who helps organizations create a recruiting-focused culture where people thrive.


As a recruiting practitioner for over 15 years, he’s led talent acquisition at world-class companies and has hired and coached thousands of top performers throughout his career. For 7 years, Julian led recruitment at Bottle Rocket, one of the world’s top mobile development firms. Through speaking and consulting, he teaches recruitment strategy, personal branding, and leadership development.


As Host of Pathways to Success on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify, he interviews inspiring leaders about their business and keys to personal success.


Speaking Topics:


Mastering the Talent Puzzle: 3 Immutable Secrets to Recruiting Success

Unlock the full potential of your recruiting strategy with this keynote. Julian believes that hiring exceptional talent is the universal key to business success and will equip your audience with the tools to achieve this. In this keynote, Julian will share proven methods and tactics to enhance your ability to attract, recruit, and retain top talent. Learning Points: How to craft an irresistible Employment Value Proposition (EVP), A viral recruiting strategy that boosts your employer brand awareness, Secrets of world-class recruiting organizations.


Resilience: Mastering Change & Adversity with 3 Essential Tools

Turn challenges into stepping stones on your pathway to success. Every journey to achievement involves facing obstacles, failures, and setbacks. The most successful individuals have mastered the art of turning these challenges into advantages that propel them forward. In this keynote, Julian will guide your audience through the art of reframing adversity, bouncing back from failures, and fast-tracking their path to achieving goals. Learning Points: Harnessing adversity as a catalyst for success, Transforming your reality with three powerful questions, Unleashing Julian’s accelerated learning methodology for rapid progress.


Personal Branding: Harnessing The Power of Your Reputation

In today’s competitive environment, establishing a strong personal brand has become essential for business success. Whether you’re generating sales, recruiting talent, inspiring employees, or cultivating successful partnerships, your ability to win trust is crucial to driving business outcomes. In this keynote, Julian will teach your audience how to harness their reputation to foster connections, increase engagement, and ascend as market leaders. Learning Points: Enhanced self-awareness, confidence, and clarity of purpose, Crafting a personal brand statement that elevates professional image, LinkedIn strategies that boost online presence and authority.


Stewardship: The Hidden Path of Leadership

Elevate your leadership journey by embracing stewardship - a great spiritual principle and powerful strategy for leadership growth and crafting an individualized lane for success. The process begins with recognizing your unique gifts and channeling them to generate value for others. Julian’s presentation will empower your audience, guiding them to not only discover their strengths but also find a deeper sense of purpose in their professional journey, leading to thriving success. Learning Points: Understanding the Stewardship Success Cycle: Discover. Serve. Grow., Practical ways to apply your strengths to make a lasting impact, Cultivating continuous improvement by adopting a service mindset

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“Julian helped us build one of the best workforces in Dallas by showing us how to operationalize our existing staff to find new staff. He saved us several hundreds of thousands in head hunting fees.”

Calvin Carter, Founder at Bottle Rocket

"Julian Placino definitely lived up to his promise of delivering an electrifying and engaging presentation on the significance of personal branding and recognizing your unique strengths. Our audience was thoroughly captivated and enthusiastically participated throughout the session."

Michelle Rea, Executive Director at New York Press Association

“Julian Placino is an excellent trainer, obviously an expert in his field; the practical sessions really helped the staff understand how they can improve their personal branding, Linkedin and recruitment skills. It was a very engaging presentation with lots of opportunities to participate for the entire team. We walked away with tips we could implement immediately that are now making a difference at our organization.”

Robin Lankton, Director of Marketing at Observer Media Group