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Julio Cabrera

The face of the Cantinero movement in the United States and the Founder of Cafe La Trova in Miami, Julio Cabrera is one of the most influential bartenders in the world, bringing his Cuban style, personality and skills behind the bar from the shores of Miami to locations across the world.


Julio Cabrera has been working for 27 years as a Cantinero-Bartender in his native Cuba, Italy, Cancun and Miami. Julio was bred in the bar industry: his family owned a bar in the 50’s and 60’s until it had to close down in 1968. 


After a few years of bartending in Cuba and winning national cocktail competitions, he was noticed by Havana Club and offered a position with the brand in Italy.  Later, while working in Cancun, he met chef Michelle Bernstein. She brought him to Miami, to work at her restaurant Michy’s. Julio inserted his award-winning creations in the Cocktail Menu for four years, making it one of Esquire Magazine’s 2012 “Best 100 American Bars.” In December 2012, Julio joined other recognized bartenders to open The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami. The bar is a throwback to the 40’s, when the cocktail was trying to get back on its feet after prohibition. Without leaving the bar, Julio is a Diageo World Class Trainer on Cruise Lines, working on a book and making a dream come true: to be a professor of future generation of Bartenders, teaching the Cantinero’s Legacy.


In 2019, Julio opened Cafe La Trova, located in Miami’s Little Havana, with Chef Bernstein, bringing their take of iconic Cuban food and drinks in a setting reminiscent of 1980s Cuba to Miami. Julio lives in Miami, helping transform our cocktail culture into something worthy of accolades and when he isn't behind the bar, he is training fellow bartenders on the ways of the "cantinero," the classic bartending style from his native Cuba.

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