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Kaihan Krippendorff has made a commitment to helping organizations and individuals thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change.

He began his career with McKinsey & Company before founding the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker. His growth strategies and innovations have generated over $2.5B in revenue for many of the world’s most recognizable companies including BNY Mellon, Citibank, L’Oréal, Microsoft, and Viacom. He is a best-selling author of five books, most recently the Edison Award-nominated, Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs.

Kaihan has been recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the top thinkers in the world to look out for and as one of the 8 most influential innovation thought leaders in the world. Kaihan was also ranked Thinkers360 as the #1 Global Innovation Thought Leader and Thinkers360 #1 Global Business Strategy Thought Leader in 2019.

Kaihan founded the Outthinker Strategy Network, an exclusive network of Chief Strategy Officers from large organizations with over $1B in revenue. A trusted advisor to these Fortune 500 Strategy Executives, Kaihan is known for facilitating powerful conversations that create strategic clarity and yield actionable and impactful ideas for this diverse cross-industry group.

Amidst his dizzying schedule of keynote speeches, consulting projects, ongoing research and writing, Kaihan still finds time to host the Outthinkers Podcast and teach at business schools throughout the US and internationally (including NYU, FIU, and Wharton Executive Education). A regular contributor to Fast Company and other major business media outlets, Kaihan is an advisory board member for high-growth startups in the spaces of IoT-human-machine collaboration, blockchain-powered transportation, international food processing/exporting, and sustainability focused products and lifestyle B-Corporations.

He holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering, Wharton, Columbia, and London Business Schools and a doctorate in strategy. With a mother from Bangladesh and a father from Germany, Kaihan brings a holistic, diverse, and global perspective to everything he does. His work has brought him to 58 countries all over the world. He speaks three languages and has lived or spent significant periods of time in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific. He lives in Greenwich, Conn., with his wife and three children.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus has said, "Kaihan shows that with a compelling idea anyone can change the world" and that message has made Kaihan one of the most sought-after speakers on the topics of business strategy, growth and innovation.

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Kaihan shows how large organizations, not just startups, can be a place where entrepreneurs innovate, build, and adapt for the future.

Reid Hoffman (Co-founder of LinkedIn and Co-author of Blitzscaling)

Kaihan provides practical, actionable steps for breaking down siloes, and ignites the drive to collaborate and accept the new opportunities that will soon come your way.

Ajay Banga (CEO of Mastercard)

Kaihan, it was a pleasure to work with you. Your presentation at our annual partners meeting was engaging and thought-provoking. You left us all with a better understanding of innovation and actionable ideas we can start working on right away. Thanks again for how you customized your session; it felt like you were talking directly to us. Thank you!

Philip Graham and William Peake (Partners, Harneys)

I want to let you know that we were so thrilled and impressed with Kaihan and the content he delivered. Not only is he highly qualified and knowledgeable to speak about disruptive innovation, he is very personable both on stage and in his interactions with us. Kaihan is intelligent and insightful and it’s very clear to us that he is a lifelong learner who takes every opportunity to learn. We know that professional speakers often have “canned” presentations, but Kaihan took the time and effort to understand our company, partner CUs and the industry and in so doing was able to provide relevant and helpful insights into the “fourth option” that resonate and challenge the attendees to take action.

Jooling Cuddeford (Senior Manager of Strategic Advisory Initiatives, Aviso Wealth)

Kaihan was on-point and relevant. His message is current for any organization wanting to grow. He did a great job of creating a working environment during his talk in which he outlined specific steps and a process to think differently. I had immediate take-aways.

John Tripoli (President, Managing Directors Association of Northwestern Mutual)

We really enjoyed working with Kaihan!!! His energy, topic, and being an outside speaker was really a breathe of fresh air and the perfect fit for the audience! We loved the takeaways connected to our leadership pillars and how easy and flexible he was to work with to customize for the event.

Senior Director of Transformation, Top 10 Market Share Aerospace and Defense Company

Kaihan gave an amazing keynote presentation and helped make the event truly successful!

Brittany Crowley (VP, Corporate Events, BNY Mellon | Pershing)

Kaihan shows that with a bold idea, anyone can change the world.

Mohammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner)