Kaiser Yang

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Kaiser Yang - a globally recognized innovation leader and award-winning author - brings a proven model to help organizations make innovation an everyday business.

Kaiser passionately believes that even the most transformative innovations can be fast, scrappy, and accessible to us all.

Over the last 25 years, Kaiser has been at the forefront of global innovation, building and scaling multiple technology startups and guiding transformative initiatives with clients such as Microsoft, Disney, The Gap and other Fortune 500 organizations.


Today, as the co-founder and CEO of Platypus Labs, an innovation research, consulting, and training firm, he helps leaders and teams achieve the outcomes they crave - growth, innovation, competitive advantage, deeper engagement, and predictable results.


Kaiser’s award-winning book, Crack the Code, 8 Surprising Keys to Unlock Innovation, demonstrates his proven system to help everyday people innovate in their everyday work.


Kaiser is also an award-winning restaurateur, a passionate breeder of koi fish, a golf enthusiast, and the proud father of teenage twins.


Keynote Topics:


The 5 Core Mindsets of Innovators

A proven innovation framework to drive growth, performance, and transformation.


The pressure to generate large, transformative ideas can feel overwhelming. We know that bold innovations are critical in these disruptive and competitive times, but when it comes to breakthrough thinking, we often freeze up. That’s why the most prolific innovators focus on micro-innovations – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time. Instead of shooting for a $10 billion IPO or a Nobel Prize, the most successful innovators passionately believe that innovation does not have to be big to be meaningful.


The 5 Core Mindsets of Innovators is an energizing, high-impact keynote that provides a practical and actionable framework to unlock dormant creative capacity and discover micro-innovations. Instead of wild, risky, and expensive moonshots, participants learn how to unleash small, daily acts of creativity that drive measurable results and help build a sustainable competitive advantage.


In this inspiring and energizing keynote, award-winning author and globally- recognized innovation expert Kaiser Yang dispels the myth that innovation only applies to a select few and reinforces the need to innovate at all levels, in all roles, and shares the mindsets and techniques leveraged by some of the most prolific ‘everyday innovators’ in the world.


This keynote serves leaders & teams who are:

  • Aware of the need to innovate but having a hard time getting started.

  • Feeling pressure to generate breakthroughs but struggling to deliver them.

  • Responsible for creating a culture of innovation.

    The audience will leave with:

  • The mindsets, habits, and tactics of the world’s most prolific artists, business titans, and entrepreneurs.

  • Inspiring and memorable stories that show how inventive thinking can lead to breakthrough results.

  • Gain creative confidence to tackle challenges and seize new opportunities.


The Innovative Leader

A modern framework to lead with confidence in the face of uncertainty and change.


The business you’re running today isn’t the business you’ll be running next year. In this moment of volatility and uncertainty, we are being called to lead in a radically different way... more decisive, creative, and adaptable. So how can we use this defining moment to ensure relevancy, sustainability, and success in the future?


In this inspiring and practical keynote, innovation and leadership expert Kaiser Yang delivers an energizing and actionable framework to help leaders thrive in the face of uncertainty. Kaiser will share proven mindsets and techniques to help leaders of innovation how to leverage their skills and resources and move into uncharted territory with confidence.


The most successful leaders today help everyday people become everyday innovators. They make sure that innovation is an everyday business. This empowering session goes way beyond the future of work. This is the future of growth, the future of leadership, and the future of success.


You’ll learn how to unlock inventive thinking, creative problem-solving, and ingenuity across the entire organization.


This keynote serves leaders & teams who are:

  • Being called to lead in a bold, new way.

  • Overwhelmed with the demands of modern leadership.

  • Craving a more innovative approach to drive explosive growth, gain competitive advantage, and harness the power of their teams.


The audience will leave with:

  • A modern framework for innovative leadership.

  • Strategies to drive growth, engagement, and success amid change and uncertainty.

  • Insights, mindsets, and techniques developed by some of the world’s most prolific leaders of innovation.

Kaiser Yang's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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"Kaiser provided practical tools that the team was able to apply immediately after the session. The exercises were fun and engaging and allowed team members to stretch their creative “muscles.” Kaiser brought fascinating examples, subject matter expertise, and compelling storytelling capabilities.”

Ana Eberhard, Vice President, Member Experience, AvMed

"He masterfully demystified the mindsets and techniques behind world-class innovations, invigorated our organizations, and empowered us with a framework to explore new frontiers in our industry."

Jeff Frank, SVP, Innovation, Resideo

"Kaiser provided us with fresh approaches to solving the challenges we encounter in both our work and personal lives. Kaiser brings world-class presentation skills, inspiring stories, and practical, memorable techniques. I'm a believer!"

Nancy Nam, Director, Marketing Operations & Planning, Ricoh Digital Services

"Building a culture of innovation is not a one-size-fits-all pursuit. We've been working with Kaiser for nearly five years; the frameworks he provided us at the beginning of our journey are still being used and during innovation today."

David Mucha, Head of Strategy, Compeer Financial

"Through our partnership with Kaiser and the Platypus Labs team, we gave taught our team members valuable new skills and frameworks around innovation, and have been able to systematically foster an environment hat is ripe for change! Kaiser's enthusiasm for progress in the workplace is unmatched."

Monica Chiongbian, Senior Manager, Innovation, Moss Adams