Did you ever wake up one day and know your entire life needed to change? In 2017, former ad agency executive Karen Morales faced that decision. In one weekend, she decided to take all the challenges thrown at her that year and create the new life she always wanted. What’s more, she did it while facing a muscle disease that doctors promised would require a wheelchair, a new divorce, two small kids and no financial plan. 


With resilience and humor as her core messages, this former Fortune 500 ad agency translates her 20 years of marketing experience for iconic global brands like Delta Air Lines, American Express, Fidelity Investments and Panasonic, into marketing strategies any business owner can use to improve their marketing and sales. 


Using her personal stories, coupled with her ability to simplify marketing to three core themes, Karen challenges us to all believe that any difficult situation, in life or business, can have a happier ending.


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