Karith Foster

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For over two decades Karith Foster has taken her passion for entertaining and critical thinking nationwide. From the airwaves to organizations, universities to corporations, creating a seismic shift in mindsets and revolutionizing the way we address issues of diversity and leadership. 


She kicked off 2020 as a visiting expert for the Knight- Hennessy Scholars program at Stanford University, where she is an 8-time repeat guest lecturer for the Graduate School of Business course "Reputation Management.". 


The former co-host of controversial radio personality, Don Imus, and former Fortune 500 human resources executive administrator, brings the perfect blend of humor, knowledge and experience when conveying the ever-present need to address diversity, inclusion and effective communication. Karith leaves her audiences feeling engaged, connected, inspired and encouraged to commit to the journey of mutual respect, acceptance and a greater sense of belonging.

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We weren’t familiar with Karith...but from our research on her, we really liked her unique Inversity spin on an emotionally-charged topic. So, we took a chance and asked Karith to be the keynote speaker for our key leadership summit. Not only did Karith knock it out of the park, she actually inspired a new dialogue within our leadership team. Her approach to use humor, real-life situations, and frankness were so refreshing and made it safe for people to openly engage. She immediately disarms people from thinking they’re going to feel guilty for not doing more, or not saying the right thing. She encourages you to embrace NOT being perfect. People responded to her in a very real and authentic way. I’d hire Karith again over and over, she’s that good!”

Paul Benson CHRO Woodward, Inc.

Rarely do you find someone both gifted in the art of communication and compassion that even the most controversial and uncomfortable of conversations lose their edge. In place of anger and confusion, Karith masterfully brings peace, calm and resolution - not to mention the appropriate amount of humor. Her unique and powerful take on DEI is just what the world needs right now.

Susan Scott, Founder, Fierce Conversation

Forget the term 'motivational speaker' – using humor, wit, and wisdom Karith Foster is so much more. Our team invited her to speak at one of our most prominent gatherings to share her perspective on the state of free speech and diversity in today’s society. Many of our attendees–CEOs across a variety of industry verticals– noted that Karith was their favorite speaker of the day. Her remarks were engaging, humorous, and thought-provoking. We’ve already invited Karith to speak at another event this year, and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented communicator and thoughtful voice on some of the most important issues of our time.

Joseph Starrs, Director, Institute on Political Journalism and DC Internships