Kate Fazzini

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Highly devoted, intuitive, and goal-driven, Kate Fazzini is a leading cybersecurity, risk, and privacy expert who takes pride in being able to share her knowledge of the field.


Kate serves as a professor of cybersecurity at Georgetown University and a keynote
speaker, having formerly reported extensively on cybersecurity as a staff member at The
Wall Street Journal and CNBC. Prior to her role in academics and media, Kate helped
develop ideal security processes, create disaster communications plans and educate
experts as a cybersecurity executive at JPMorgan Chase and Company and Promontory
Financial Group, an IBM Company.


Kate holds a master’s degree in strategic cybersecurity enforcement from The George Washington University and holds a B.A. in literature from The Ohio State University. She has helped build courses and teach as an adjunct professor at The University of Maryland in addition to Georgetown, and she frequently teaches bespoke education courses at Fortune 500 corporations.


Kate can provide an engaging, story-driven experience that stands apart from the typical cybersecurity event. She is known for engaging her audience and carefully crafting unique experiences depending on the audience, their level of cybersecurity knowledge and their interest in the topic.


She knows how to deliver clear, concise, and relatable messages to her readers and listeners, and does so in an authentic tone. With cybersecurity encompassing every single thing that pertains to protecting sensitive data, from personal, business, to governmental, Kate strives to be the voice to instill its vitalness and give those interested more insight and depth.

In today’s world, no matter if you are an individual, own a small business, or a mega
corporation, you need to protect yourself against cyber-attacks from all angles, and Kate
knows how to do just that and more.

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