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Kate Lanz


Kate Lanz, CEO and leader of Mindbridge, works to push the boundaries of the Neurosmart™ method and specialises in consulting and coaching at senior levels including the Board.



Kate has over thirty years’ business experience – nearly twenty years’ in leadership coaching combined with an outstanding track record of success as a senior executive. Kate was the first female – and youngest – International General Manager at Diageo, the world’s leading spirits producer. (See Lanz Executive Coaching for details of Kate’s executive coaching career.)


It was in the role of General Manager that Kate developed an interest in the psychology of the working environment. Building on her MBA, her BSc in Psychology and her business experience, Kate established her international practice in corporate coaching.


During and after the 2008 financial crisis Kate found herself fascinated by the patterns of behaviour of clients at work and what it means about how the brain works. This lead to work on the return on investment organisations were making from different brains in their businesses.


She now focuses on the power of modern neuroscience for releasing latent brain potential at work. Kate’s approach is uniquely effective because of her powerful blend of neuro-psychological understanding and direct, senior-level business experience.This is the basis of Kate’s doctoral research and recent book “All the Brains in the Business: the engendered brain in the 21st Century Organisation” (Palgrave Macmillan)

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