Kathy Varol

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Kathy helps her clients use purpose and ESG to stand out in a competitive environment, attract the best talent, gain consumer loyalty, and fully harness the innovative brain power of their employees (innovation that keeps them miles ahead of the competition). She shares her deep knowledge and “how to” with clients, so they can skip the hard lessons and go straight to strategies that work.   

Kathy has 20 years of experience across brand marketing, strategy and impact, working at established brands like adidas, MillerCoors and Microsoft. 

Through her experience, Kathy has developed a repeatable 4-step process to become a purpose-led brand: The Brand Purpose Model. When businesses embed purpose into the heart of their strategy, they don’t just disrupt their industry. They also bring humanity into the workplace, shape the future, and impact the world. 

Kathy created the Global Purpose strategy for adidas, a 22 billion dollar global company, encompassing everything adidas does to positively impact People and Planet. Kathy’s hands-on experience creating purposeful change includes crafting the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) strategy for adidas. Through this experience, Kathy has learned the unintentional barriers that get in the way of a thriving culture, as well as how to foster a culture of inclusion, collaboration and continuous improvement.  

At adidas, Kathy also created a holistic sustainability strategy and developed social equality platforms. These initiatives included creating an army of loyal brand advocates by inviting consumers to join a movement to end plastic waste, increasing access to sport for girls around the globe, developing new products, and initiating bold corporate actions to stand against inequality.  

Kathy left adidas to help other companies on their journey to become purpose-led. She brings her wealth of expertise to move companies beyond outdated Corporate Social Responsibility approaches and into the new era of business integrated conscious capitalism.  


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Kathy has the extraordinary ability to translate complex data points into accessible, transformative storytelling. She has a passion, presence and the ability to bring the audience along on the journey. Kathy is a motivator, thought leader and impactful strategist.

Director Adidas

Kathy is a force for change. An inspiring speaker that energized us to aim higher, while sharing the tools to implement change. Kathy is a natural connector of people, and infectiously optimistic in the power of innovation to create the future.

Senior Director, Lululemon

Kathy’s passion and strategic approach to Purpose connect the aspirational to the practical. She is engaging, energetic and makes you want to take action.

Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Purpose, Discord

We came out more clear, unified, and specific about what steps we wanted to take to evolve our strategy. The benefits of clarity and simplicity cannot be emphasized enough.

Chief Sustainability Officer, Arcadis