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Dr. Kiki Ramsey is a sought-after Positive Psychologist and Executive Coach, with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. With a commitment to making a positive impact in the world, Dr. Kiki founded The Positive Psychology Coaching and Diversity Institute (PPCaDI), a leadership development firm that specializes in diversity coaching and leadership development.


Dr. Kiki’s work focuses on the promotion of happiness and human flourishing. She has extensive experience in applying the principles of positive psychology to a variety of settings, most notably in corporations. She is known for her innovative approach to coaching and DEI called Positively Diverse Leadership, which is an evidence-based approach rooted in positive psychology that fosters the intentional use of strengths to relate and communicate as an inclusive leader.


As an executive coach, Dr. Kiki has worked with a diverse range of clients, including top-level executives and business owners. Her expertise in leadership development, happiness, and resilience has helped her clients achieve significant results in their organizations and personal lives. Dr. Kiki has a talent for identifying and nurturing the unique strengths of her clients, enabling them to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.


Dr. Kiki is an international keynote speaker and has delivered keynote addresses for corporations, conferences, and events around the world. Her energy is contagious and the moment she enters the room you will know why. She is also the author of Get Courageous Now: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Passions and Purpose in Life, a book offering women a step-by-step guide to radically break through the mindset of fear and find true meaning doing what they love.


Dr. Kiki holds a Master’s in Social Work and Positive Psychology Coaching and a Ph.D. in Business Psychology. When she is not working, she loves working out (her Peloton name is KikiDoYouLoveMe), dancing and spending time with her three children, Tomazye, Mackenzie, and Tre, and her wonderful husband Jamil.

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The highlight of the October 2022 DC SHRM Annual Conference was Dr. Kiki Ramsey's memorable opening keynote speech. We want to thank you for such a motivational keynote speech on behalf of DC SHRM and all the incredible HR professionals that are a part of the DC SHRM Chapter community. DC SHRM has not had an in-person conference in three years, and to have you open the keynote was such an honor and an unforgettable moment for DC SHRM. Your ability to connect with the audience, captivate their hearts, and inspire them was so evident in your presence and presentation. You filled our hearts with inspiration and tangible, practical moments of finding our purpose and helping the people we serve find purpose. HR practitioners know very well how important it is to lead with purpose because they do it every day; you added to their minds and hearts the courage to continue to lean toward purpose, passion and lead with positivity even when things seem so overwhelming. Having you back on the DC stage was breathtaking. You are beautiful inside and out; you will forever be part of the HR family, every organization we represent, and the people we touch every day.

Joyce Weru, PCC, DC SHRM Board

Last week Dr. Kiki Ramsey was a keynote speaker in an all Bird IT Townhall. Imagine a virtual IT team from Vancouver to Halifax that was inspired to snap their fingers, clap their hands, and even dance to feel some happiness through her inspirational and contagious energy! After sharing some of her life story of challenges and successes, Dr. Ramsey went on to explain a few key concepts around evolving positivity personally to achieve a better work life balance - with an emphasis on developing those things unique to each of us that will drive more happiness with little bit of daily focus. I can say I've personally taken on her daily challenge to become happier, and highly recommend Dr. Ramsey to any organization looking to address the challenges we all face in balancing happiness in work and at home.

Rick, Bird Construction

Dr. KiKi has an amazing ability to offer radical and transformative support! I contacted her in order to get a hard shift in perspective around my professional career mapping. She was kind, succinct and laser sharp. For anyone who feels like they have been stuck in the dark closet of their mind, Dr. KiKi is the human equivalent of a giant flashlight!

Joquina, JDEI practitioner

Thank you so much for your time and talents in speaking with our members. I was having such a stressful and overly busy morning on Friday with traffic delays and my kids not getting out of the house quickly enough (as usual:)). The minute you opened up about your story and how you overcame some serious challenges I was mesmerized. Your honesty, humor, and ability to make all people feel welcome is impressive and we are so thankful that you provided this to our IIDA Northland members and students. My goal is to work on my 7 ways of happiness over 2021 and beyond. Such practical and valuable tools! Cheers to a fantastic event and your practice of kindness impacting others and providing such a great value to us all.

Sarah, IIDA Northland and the Professional Development Board

Kiki listened to our needs and delivered a great presentation on courageous leadership that my team found incredibly valuable and insightful. Kiki is a fantastic coach and someone you always want in your corner!

Sarah, PBS Digital Studios

I first met Dr. Kiki Ramsey during a leadership training at my workplace in 2020. She was my coach throughout the training and guided me and my group through tough conversations about management and DEI. Kiki was incredibly supportive during the engagement. I reached out to Kiki almost a year later to see if she could speak to my team on the anniversary of the Coronavirus pandemic and the start of our remote working period. I was looking for someone who could not only motivate my team, but provide useful tools that would inspire them. Kiki listened to our needs and delivered a great presentation on courageous leadership that my team found incredibly valuable and insightful. Kiki is a fantastic coach and someone you always want in your corner!

Elis, PBS Digital Studios

Dr. Kiki Ramsey joined our associates for our wellness webinar series this month. After nearly a year of struggling with the circumstances of the pandemic, her discussion of the Pursuit of Happiness was much welcomed and enjoyed. Our associates appreciated her honesty and storytelling ability in her presentation. She was an excellent addition to our series and I would highly recommend it.

Emily, TIAA

Dr. Ramsey recently spoke as a Keynote speaker for a yearly conference with Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana. There were over 400 in attendance and Dr. Kiki was AMAZING. She knocked it right out the park! She is motivating, authentic, provides useful tools, and is passionate about the practice of the Pursuit of Happiness at work and in life. She has my highest accolades and I would recommend her to any organization who would like to motivate and energize their current workplace.

Amanda, GEI and Mission at Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana

The energy and charisma that Dr. Kiki brought to our session were just what we needed! With many members of our association working from home, constantly juggling between personal lives and professional lives, we found that we are overwhelmed, we are tired, and we are struggling to find balance. We wanted a session for our members that allowed them to focus on themselves and to put "work" on the back burner for an hour or so. Dr. Kiki delivered. Our session was called, "The Pursuit of Happiness with Dr. Kiki: A Self-Reflection and Joy Boosting Virtual Event." Through her personal story, Dr. Kiki shared the truth about happiness and how to create more of it in our work and life. Even through Zoom, Dr. Kiki was able to connect with our members leaving them smiling, setting goals, and recharged. From the initial planning meeting and communication throughout until the last person signed off, Dr. Kiki kept our members' needs at the center of her keynote. I highly recommend Dr. Kiki for your next engagement!

Christina, St. George’s School

Schindler Elevator Corporation invited Dr. Kiki Ramsey for a virtual discussion with President of U.S. Operations Greg Ergenbright as part of Schindler’s Black History Month celebrations. Throughout the hour-long event, Dr. Ramsey educated, energized, and inspired our employees to build inclusion in the workplace. Dr. Ramsey shared her story of belonging and connected it to ways we can let our authentic selves shine. 350 employees attended the live event and provided very positive feedback (and some powerful tears!) after the event. Her engagement with our employees conveyed the company’s commitment to Inclusion & Diversity, opening up the doors for ongoing self-reflection and dialogue around these meaningful topics. We were honored to host Dr. Ramsey and are grateful that she shared her experience and wisdom with us.

Julie, The Walt Disney Company

Kiki is a phenomenal speaker. It is my pleasure to recommend her to your organization.

Amanda, Shared Support Maryland, Inc