Kim Alexander

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Kim Alexander is president of the California Voter Foundation (CVF), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization she re-founded in 1994 to advance the responsible use of technology in the democratic process and improve the voting process to better serve the needs and interests of voters.


Through her work with CVF, Alexander has engaged in a variety of issues where democracy and technology intersect, working to ensure that democracy is enhanced, rather than harmed through technological changes.


Under Alexander’s leadership, CVF has pioneered and promoted good technology and democracy practices and programs that benefit California voters while also setting a good example for other states. The effectiveness of this strategy has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout the years Alexander has led CVF, with other states following California’s lead in online voter education, Internet disclosure of money in politics and election security.


Alexander has led a number of programs and projects on behalf of CVF since 1994. Beginning in the mid-1990’s, she and CVF successfully advanced electronic filing and Internet disclosure of campaign finance data in California and nationwide, through a series of reports assessing and grading states' online disclosure performance. She has edited CVF's California Online Voter Guide since 1994, providing California voters with nonpartisan election information so that they can make informed, confident voting choices. She has also worked to expand public access to online services such as voter status lookup tools and online voter registration.

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