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Kimberly Wehle is a tenured law professor, book author, opinion journalist, lawyer, and ABC News legal analyst. She is an expert in constitutional law and a frequent commentator on the powers of the presidency and the criminal implications of the myriad news events over the past few years. Kim served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., and as an associate independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation during the Clinton presidency with Kenneth W. Starr. Her teaching and scholarship focus on the separation of powers, administrative agencies, and civil litigation.


Wehle is also a practicing lawyer and has been a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, NPR, Fox News, and numerous other media outlets. During the first impeachment of Donald J. Trump, she was a legal analyst with CBS News. She writes regularly for The Atlantic, Politico, and The Bulwark, and has published with The Guardian, The LA Times, The Hill, and numerous other publications. In 2019, she published her first book, How to Read the Constitution- and Why, followed by What You Need to Know About Voting--and Why, How to Think Like a Lawyer and Why: A Common-Sense Guide to Everyday Dilemmas. She is a LinkedIn Learning instructor with courses on using legal skills and logic to make good decisions in the workplace. She lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland.


Some of her popular speaking topics are listed below:


The Foundations of Our Democracy—Why Civic Engagement Matters Now More Than Ever.

Our nation is on the brink of change - but are “We the People” in the driver’s seat? Now more than ever, it is vital for all Americans, regardless of their political party, to know how the Constitution and the right to vote work. Perhaps most importantly, we all need to know why, if we don’t step up now, American life will look very different for our children and grandchildren. Using common-sense language, Professor of Law Kim Wehle breaks down how the U.S. Constitution works and how its protections may be eroding before our eyes. Audiences will learn the mechanics of the U.S. electoral system, what role the U.S. Supreme Court plays in democracy writ large, as well as a fascinating survey of America's history and future. Wehle underscores in common-sense terms what every American needs to know about civics (but what nobody has explained thus far).


What Dobbs Means for American Business

The Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade goes well beyond the question of reproductive rights. The Court devised a brand-new, two-part test for determining how individual rights will be evaluating going forward, and states will play an outsized role. After Dobbs, reproductive rights will depend on 50 states’ laws, and along with it, a raft of unknowns for business planners. Wehle walks through the HR and insurance implications for businesses as well as the trajectory of the Supreme Court moving forward and offers a list of vital recommendations and projections moving forward, to identify some certainty in the uncertainty.


How to Think Like a Lawyer in Making Decisions—and Why You Should.

What does the average person have in common with lawyers? From the mundane to the game-changers, decisions need to be made every day. But a key way in which the everyday person differs from a lawyer is how each goes about making decisions. A non-lawyer may search for answers to validate or solidify a pre-conceived decision, while a lawyer looks for questions. Based on her latest book, How to Think Like a Lawyer and Why: A Common-sense Guide to Everyday Dilemmas. Wehle takes you through the decision-making practice she uses every day as a lawyer and legal educator. Whether it be buying a home, negotiating a salary, or choosing the right health gear, every major decision you make matters—so why not use a methodical process to help cut through the confusion? Wehle offers a five-step method that helps users identify relevant facts, personal values, counter-arguments, and tolerance. The method is so effective that her students often tell her, years after graduating from law school, that they use it every day in practice. Simple Politics with Kim Wehle. The American political newsfeed is a non-stop carousel rife with ever-changing and complex issues. Based on her growing Instagram and YouTube series, #Simple Politics, Professor Kim Wehle offers a thoughtful and non-partisan breakdown of the latest and most pressing political news of the day—and how the law shapes it.

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