Kristy Archuleta

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Dr. Kristy Archuleta is an internationally recognized and award-winning Professor in Financial Planning at the University of Georgia, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Certified Financial Therapist-I™. Known for her contributions to the development of financial therapy, she is a co-founder of the Financial Therapy Association, the Journal of Financial Therapy, and the nation’s first academic financial therapy program. 


Dr. Archuleta has published numerous scholarly articles, co-edited two books, and commonly appears in podcasts and major news media outlets. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the Financial Therapy Association certification committee, and three editorial review boards. 


Speaking Topics:


Financial Professional-focused Presentations

  • Tapping Clients’ Strengths to Create Behavior Change

  • Communication Skills for Financial Planners

  • Creating Financial Partnerships with Family Clients

  • Financial Anxiety & Stress

  • A New Way of Thinking: Solution-Focused Financial Therapy

  • Overwhelmed and Burned Out: Working with Clients Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

  • Sometimes I Feel like a Therapist: Strategies for Helping Clients through Difficult Issues

  • Dynamics of a Duo: Navigating Couple Relationships in Your Financial Planning Practice

Client & Employee-focused Presentations

  • It Takes Two to Tango: Improve Your Finances and Relationship with Your Partner

  • Managing Financial Stress & Anxiety

Kristy Archuleta's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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