Kylee McGrane

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Kylee is the Founder and Executive Director of A Moment of Magic Foundation, a President George H.W. Bush Daily Point of Light Honoree, a Sara Blakely and Spanx Red Backpack Fund Recipient, and a New York Yankees HOPE Week Honoree. In December 2014, Kylee had the idea to dress up like a princess and visit local children's hospitals. After some preliminary research, she found out there were no other organizations currently serving hospitalized children this way. After her first visit to a 202-bed hospital in New York, she fell in love and A Moment of Magic was born. In the Fall of 2015, the then-college junior decided to expand the program to more students in her college to get involved. Overnight, the group of forty committed college students began to expand their visits to the entire east coast! During this time, Kylee began getting immersed in the world of pediatric cancer. She learned about the lack of funding, and the harsh treatment, and began to form extremely close bonds with the children she met. 


Kylee worked hard to make sure that their magic could reach as many kids as possible and decided to create a system in which college students from across the country could apply to become a part of their royal family. After a little bit of magic in November 2016, A Moment of Magic's story went viral, grossing more than 65 million views worldwide. The international attention helped the organization gain the momentum needed to make Kylee's dream come true and allow A Moment of Magic to be adopted by Colleges and Universities across the United States. 


Today, A Moment of Magic has engaged more than 1,300 college student volunteers from more than 30 colleges and universities to partner with 300+ hospitals and NPOs to provide creative programming to more than 110,000 children. Today, she has become a fierce and passionate advocate for mental health resources, the power of community and creativity, and fearlessly chasing "impossible dreams". Under the banner of A Moment of Magic, Kylee has spoken as a business, female empowerment, volunteerism, and advocacy expert for companies and organizations including Get Your Play Online. She has been featured in over 100 international publications including the New York Post, USA Today, CNN, and The Today Show.

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