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In his groundbreaking methodology Lair Torrent, LMFT integrates Western clinical psychology with Eastern philosophy to bring tangible practices that help his clients and conference attendees find success in every area of their lives.


Through story and some humor, Lair delivers a message that has been described as compelling, powerful, and authentic. 


Touted as a leading voice in the field of relationships both personal and professional, He is an author, speaker, corporate coach, and a practicing licensed clinical therapist. He is the author of the book The Practice of Love and of the best-selling course Speaking Your Truth in Relationships. He has been resourced and interviewed by NPR, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone as well as a host of podcasts and radio shows. He has also been a contributing columnist at And is the co-host of The Practice of Love Podcast, Not Your Mama’s Therapy Podcast, and a recurring guest host of the Single on Purpose Podcast. 


His ethos is “It is relationship that gives our lives meaning- relationship to others but also ourselves and our work.” 


Lair works with; Owner Operators, Executives, Management Teams, Sales Teams, Corporations and Organizations, family-owned businesses, schools, bands, and performers on both stage and screen on their relationships to themselves, their work, and the people they work with.


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The Practice - A Training Series in Mindfulness, Performance Intelligence, Emotional Balance, and Wellbeing


Practice 1 - Mindfulness And Emotional Balance Practicing mindfulness can happen anywhere and at any time. It is the key to emotional intelligence, emotional balance, and mental resilience. Mindfulness increases productivity and creativity as it dramatically decreases mind wandering. It makes us better communicators, and better decision-makers and it sharpens focus.  


Practice 2 - Self-Integration and Performance Intelligence You wouldn’t use Instagram to send an email and in like kind, success begs that we show up in the right part of ourselves to get the job done right. Here we learn about the parts of our personalities that show up in our lives, especially when we need to perform to our highest potential. 


Practice 3 - Mental Resilience And The Inner Narrative The brain tells a story that the body believes. If we are not mindfully watching our inner narratives, we will never achieve emotional intelligence. The Narrative is a practice of paying close attention to the stories we create and is the secret to mental resilience. 


Practice 4 - Choosing You Is Choosing Wellness We are beings who crave balance and achieving balance in our lives creates health and wellbeing at every level. Be warned this is not another lecture about meditating more or going to the gym. This talk helps you find the source of your balance or your “well”. 


Practice 5 - Finding Your Growing Edge A natural reaction to failure is to deny it. When we try and pass the buck we miss our growing edge. Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of leadership and is an opportunity to see where we need work. These lectures teach your executives, management teams, and sales staff how to; enhance performance intelligence, deepen mindfulness and mental resilience, and create emotional balance as well as overall health and well-being. They can be delivered in person or virtually. They can be tailored to your company's needs as separate stand-alone training, in a series, over a weekend, or a one-day long seminar.

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