Lavinia Errico

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Lavinia Errico, the co-founder of Equinox Fitness and the visionary behind the Inside Out Movement and First Point Partners, is a nationally acclaimed workplace and wellness entrepreneur and a speaker of essential truths on the subjects of Values-Driven Entrepreneurship, The Women-Led Workplace, Spiritual Entrepreneurship, and Joy in the Hustle. A sought-after board member, consultant, and angel investor in diverse startup companies across a multitude of industries, Lavinia inspires and transforms individuals and organizations with her unique and often disruptive take on how to create a richer, more authentic, inspiring, and joyful career and life journey.


Unlike other speakers, Lavinia has done it all. A self-made business leader and entrepreneur, in her 20s and 30s Lavinia and her brothers co-founded a leading Fitness Company and Culture that changed the way Americans think about health and wellness. At the peak of their success, they sold Equinox for millions and were instantaneously wealthy beyond their needs and dreams. Ironically, at the apex of the proverbial American Dream, Lavinia realized that somewhere along the way she had lost the things that were most important to her – her essential self and identity. Despite multiple offers to immediately jump back into the business and create even greater wealth and material success, Lavinia dared to embark on a completely different path – a journey to rebuild her identity from the inside out and to find a better way to live a more authentic, values-grounded life. She sought and found answers to the vital questions: How do you stay present to your soul in a competitive work environment? How do you remain aligned with your true self and avoid becoming completely absorbed by money, greed, and social accolades? How do you choose thoughtfully and powerfully in your life and career, and not from fear of failure? How do you reach for the stars in business while remaining grounded in your humanity? When is enough money truly enough? Lavinia has these answers because she’s lived this journey, and she is brilliant at sharing her experiences and insights with others. 

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Lavinia Errico is one of the most inspiring motivational speakers I have had the privilege of experiencing. She is like a healthy drug - you leave wanting more. She is a mentor, a teacher, a true leader, and a pioneer in the health and wealth arena. Her boldness, directness, and courage will force you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to look inward to create profound life changes.”

Elyse Walker