Lavinia Osbourne

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Lavinia Osbourne is a Blockchain, Fintech & Welltech specialist, consultant, and thought leader.

She founded Women in Blockchain Talks, an award-winning networking and educational platform that shines a spotlight on dynamic women in the Blockchain space, in 2019. In doing so, she has become a sought-after speaker and MC in Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT.

She is listed as one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Tech & Innovation 2021, and as one of Wirex’s Rising Women in Crypto Power List 2021. She has been interviewed by Cryptonites TV, and Decrypt Podcast, as well as featured in several articles by CoinTelegraph – all leading media platforms in the Blockchain space.

She is the winner of the Women in Tech 100 award 2021 and has been nominated for several others, including awards around DEI and entrepreneurship.

Lavinia brings a fresh and accessible approach to complex subjects and has a deep desire to uplift individuals financially, professionally, and personally, giving those in her community a new way of thinking about money, career, and life opportunities.

With WIBT as her vehicle, and now Crypto Kweens - her new NFT Marketplace business, Lavinia is on a mission to decrease the gender gap in Blockchain and its ecosystem, by providing different ways of learning about the technology, and showing people how to get involved with it; an example of this is her Women in Blockchain Talks campaign “50k Women into Blockchain by 2023”

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