Linda Roszak Burton

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Linda Roszak Burton, ACC, BBC, BS, Founder, and President of DRW, Inc., a leadership development and executive coaching firm. The firm supports the development of leaders and teams to overcome conflict and gain control of overwhelming pressures and daily challenges that limit progress and success. She combines the latest research in positive psychology, gratitude, neuroscience, and Positive Organizational Behavior (POB) in the delivery of executive and team coaching services. 


As a gratitude subject matter expert, Linda served in an advisory role for a Nurse Well-Being Steering Committee at a major academic medical center. She is also conducting research with Central Queensland University in Queensland, Australia, and Angelia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England, on gratitude interventions to support nurse resilience and stress management. 


Linda is a credentialed executive coach through the International Coach Federation, a certified Brain-Based Coach through the NeuroLeadership Institute, a licensed Positive Psychology Instructor, and a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School Affiliate. She holds a B.S. in Health Education from Virginia Tech and has completed coursework pursuing an M.S. in Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore. 


Linda writes for the Wharton Healthcare Quarterly feature series on gratitude, is a frequent blogger, and is the author of Gratitude Heals®- A Journal for Inspiration and Guidance (Available on Amazon)In addition, her Great Mills TEDx Talk on Gratitude- The Power to Heal the World was released in December 2022.


Frequently requested topics include:


  • The Health and Well-Being Benefits of Gratitude ~ Preventive Care Across a Lifespan
    • Expertise shared with attendees includes discovering the science of gratitude and its impact across the lifespan. Attendees walk away with a greater understanding of how gratitude supports a more holistic approach to health and well-being, take home multiple gratitude practice techniques and the next steps to sustain program knowledge in the future  


  • Discovering the Science of Positive Psychology and Gratitude ~ What It Is and Why It Matters
    • Expertise shared with attendees includes translating the latest research in positive psychology, gratitude, and personal and professional impact. Supportive of uncertainty and challenging times, attendees can practice and adapt the learnings to support their needs, offering greater hope, compassion, trust, and stability.


  • The Neuroscience of Gratitude ~ The Positive Impact on Employee Engagement, Retention, and a Healthy Work Environment
    • Expertise shared with attendees provides a deeper understanding of how the brain views the workplace and how leveraging gratitude builds greater inclusion, prosocial behaviors, and job satisfaction. Attendees are asked to identify how they will bring this knowledge back to their workplace and are presented with recommendations to support this activity.  


  • Foundations of Grateful Leadership ~ Building and Broadening its Impact in the Organization
    • Attendees examine the foundational elements of grateful leadership to help assess their own physiological, emotional, and mental well-being and that of their team. They build and broaden from there to a strengths-based construct of research in gratitude, positive psychology, neuroscience, and positive organizational behavior (POB.) Attendees recognize universally intrinsic human needs drive the success of this framework. Finally, they create their grateful leadership brand statement to influence organizational culture positively.


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