Lisa Cypers Kamen

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Lisa Cypers Kamen is internationally recognized as an award-winning, media-savvy motivational, dedicated coach and inspirational public speaker. She’s the author of Are We Happy Yet, a book that discusses the eight keys to unlocking a joyful life and achieving sustainable well-being and wellness. The book is an exciting fusion of science and heart—offering a guide to creating our own personal “happiness revolution.”

Kamen currently works as a positive psychology lifestyle consultant, executive producer, public speaker, and host of Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio (HHTR). Through her globally syndicated HHTR podcast, books, media appearances, and film, Lisa has impacted millions of people around the world for more than a decade and counting. Lisa’s gift of gab is a great fit for conferences, conventions, team-building events, events for military veterans (all branches), colleges and universities, public schools, healthcare and well-being functions, private workshops, retreats, cruise lines, spas, and more…

She infuses science and heart, humor and gravitas to support others in cultivating sustainable happiness and well-being—regardless of life’s drama, trauma, or challenges. And her work offers inspiring and practical tips, techniques, and exercises that boost people’s “happiness factor” to new levels. Lisa shows audiences how to tap into the joy we all deserve. All her presentations are unique and provide a customized interactive experiential program using media, props, and exercises that will motivate anybody to get off their feet, out of their head, and into a happier mood with improved lasting emotional fitness and sustainable well-being.