Lizzy Lopez

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A tradition typically reserved for fathers and sons, Lizzy broke convention when she was gifted an acre of her family land in 2013. 71 blue agave plants were carefully planted in 19 rows of the finest red clay soil – and 1,349 of Lizzy’s very own plants were harvested just over seven years later. Her brand, Tequila 1349, was born. 


A small batch single state approach brings the craftsmanship only found in Arandas, Mexico one bottle of Tequila 1349 at a time. Made from 100% blue, extra-ripe agave, harvested piñas are always hand-selected and stone-crushed. Traditional brick-oven roasting and copper-pot fermentation infused with perfect wooden notes results in balanced flavors and a long, deep finish that makes it enjoyably drinkable. Rested for 3 months for the ultimate smooth texture and balance, every sip results in a clean, crisp taste with hints of citrus and sweet undertones that linger on your tongue. Fully produced in Arandas Jalisco, Mexico, to this day, the proprietary steam and water-based process ensure that every single note of Tequila 1349 delivers a clear, neat, and consistently refreshing taste.


Tequila 1349 is committed to sustainability and though its footprint in the tequila heartland has expanded, its global footprint has not, with a commitment to pure liquid extraction and highly-efficient diffusion; processes that use less energy and produce less waste to produce each batch.

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