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You may never have landed a combat jet on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the night, but Loree “Rowdy” Draude’s insight from years as a U.S. Naval Aviator and a leader in technology companies in Silicon Valley can provide you with the framework to “soar” in your own life and as a leader. As a pioneer in breaking the gender barrier within naval aviation, Loree not only flew F/A-18 Hornets and S-3B Vikings but also defied norms, becoming the first woman airwing-qualified landing signal officer during her second deployment. 


Loree connects with her audiences through her warmth, humor, and engaging stories from her ten years in the Navy and her time in the tech industry. From leading teams at Google and Meta to founding her own startup, she possesses an acute understanding of the challenges and triumphs that define today's professional landscape. She is the author of the bestseller, Soar Into Joy: A Combat Pilot's Wisdom on Falling in Love with Your Life, and She's Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator's Sea Journal.  In Loree’s keynotes, you will learn to manage fear and attain new heights without losing your drive and enthusiasm. She will guide you through her tips to overcome failure by sharing personal stories that demonstrate the four concepts she identified to build a meaningful life and deliver high performance as a leader: SOAR. Self-Awareness, Openness, Appreciation, and Responsibility. 


Invite Loree to your event, and provide your audience with more than just a speaker; offer them an opportunity to witness a transformational journey and gain insights from a leader whose story is unlike any other. Loree's impactful storytelling, coupled with her unparalleled leadership wisdom, ensures an event that leaves a lasting impression on every attendee.





In this keynote, Loree shares stories from her first deployment on the USS Abraham Lincoln and her 20-year career in tech, inspiring audiences to persevere through difficulties and find the silver linings in challenging times. She guides your audience through refining what matters most to them and how to optimize their personal and professional lives. In this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • A simple framework from aviation that is useful for managing life’s challenges

  • Why being open to failure leads to success

  • How the four forces of flight apply to everyday life

  • Why normalizing setbacks and failures leads to stronger leaders and teams

  • How to embrace fear rather than fight it 



Naval aviators must maintain physical fitness but did you know that mental fitness can be measured and improved? Your Positive Intelligence Quotient, or "PQ," measures the relative strength of your positive versus negative mental muscles. PQ is the measure of your mental fitness. Loree will demonstrate how you can boost your PQ significantly with easy practice. This breakthrough presentation (also offered as a workshop) will teach your audience to improve their performance and increase their happiness by increasing gray matter in the PQ Brain region, home to your Sage (positive mental muscles), and decreasing gray matter in the Survivor Brain region, home to your Saboteurs (negative mental muscles). In this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • Why we have inner critics who hold us back

  • How one simple, 10-second exercise can change your life for the better

  • How we can reduce the judgments that increase negativity in our lives and instead build new mental muscles to increase the positive emotions



Are you feeling stuck? Burned out? In this keynote, Loree delivers the Play Your Bigger Game framework, developed by fellow Co-Active Training Institute Coach, Rick Tamlyn.  She shares her powerful story about her experience as one of only eighteen female combat pilots aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and how you can play a bigger game in your life. In this keynote, audiences will learn:

  • How to have a more positive impact within your family, your work, your community, or your organization

  • What meaningful work means to you and how to create more of it in your life

  • How to take responsibility and direct your destiny

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Ms. Draude was the featured speaker for NPower‘s graduation at Splunk in San Jose, CA. Her thoughtful tales and sage advice amplified the warmth of the occasion leaving us uplifted and inspired. Couldn’t recommend Loree enough for engagements where deep, direct discourse is in high demand.

Sean Miner, NPower Board and Senior Director, UX & Product Design, Quin Street

Loree was our keynote speaker at Lithium's annual LiNC conference, with an audience of approximately one thousand attendees. Her enthusiasm and expertise in online communities captivated our audience and motivated them with the lessons she shared. If you're looking for a speaker with humor, warmth, and compelling stories who can inspire an audience, hire Loree!

Beverly Dunn, Global Head of Customer Success, Ivalua

Loree is an exceptional professional. Bright, team-oriented, diligent and a joy to work with. I recommend Loree unreservedly and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Scotty Perkins, EVP Head of Cloud, ACI Worldwide

Loree's talk was a breath of fresh air and a new perspective on leadership!

Donna G., General Manager, Marriott International

The way in which you seamlessly connected your military and professional work, the struggles and ability to overcome, to what our GM’s face on a daily basis was incredible. The team left feeling energized and more ready than ever to take responsibility as a leader of their individual units to drive performance! I appreciate the time you took to really pull through Marriott core values and synergize that to SOARing!

Lindsy Wnorowski, Regional Senior Director, Marriott International