Lorraine K. Lee

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Lorraine Lee is a top-rated global keynote speaker, a consultant, and an instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies and LinkedIn Learning. She is recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice and has more than 300,000+ LinkedIn followers and over a decade of experience leading editorial teams at the world’s top tech firms.


Lorraine has been invited as a guest speaker to Zoom, Cisco, Atlassian, Amazon, and McKinsey and Company, among others. She covers a wide range of topics including creating engaging virtual presentations, growing your following on LinkedIn, effectively communicating in a virtual world, leading collaborative remote and distributed teams that thrive, and designing impactful virtual and hybrid meetings.


She was named a Top Virtual Speaker by ReadWrite and was a finalist for Global Conference Speaker of the Year by WomenTech. She was also named a Top 15 LinkedIn Expert in San Francisco by Influence Digest and was a finalist for Content Marketer of the Year at the Women in Content Marketing Awards.


Before starting her own company, Lorraine led teams at Prezi, SlideShare, and LinkedIn. She was a founding editor at each of these companies, where she collaborated with global business leaders and helped launch core products including LinkedIn Daily Rundown and LinkedIn Newsletters. Lorraine has been featured in publications including Inc.ReadWrite, and Entrepreneur, and has also been a guest on many podcasts. 


She received her BSJ from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and currently resides in San Francisco.


Speaking Topics - 

Supercharge Your Executive Presence: A Leader's Guide to Managing Your Brand At Work

Executive presence is a critical soft skill, universally acknowledged yet often elusive, both in terms of its definition and application. Yet if we want to advance professionally, it’s something we need to learn and use in our day-to-day interactions.


The fundamental characteristics remain the same — traits like gravitas, charisma, and your appearance. However, as our way of working has evolved due to economic, cultural, and technological changes, so has the definition of executive presence.


Today, the traditional markers of executive presence have moved past conventional expectations like business suits and formal business lunches. Instead in our modern working landscape, executive presence lies in authentic leadership, crafting and projecting a career brand that follows you in and out of the office, and nurturing relationships built on trust and respect.


Join Lorraine Lee, an expert in supercharging your professional presence, as she delves into the 3Cs of executive presence for today’s leaders. Whether you’re just starting your career journey or a seasoned professional, this session is designed to empower you with the confidence and skills to enhance your leadership impact and executive presence in any organization.


Key takeaways:

  • Uncover common communication pitfalls that undermine your presence — and learn strategies for turning them into your strength
  • Define your UPI (Your Unique and Powerful Introduction) that succinctly captures your professional identity and value
  • Discover the most impactful methods for managing up that boost your credibility and foster stronger relationships


How To Build Influence in the Hybrid Office

For General Audiences and AAPI Groups

Building influence feels tougher than ever these days with so many distractions grabbing others’ attention. We need to juggle building relationships both in-person and virtually, while delivering results with fewer resources. 


The solution? Harnessing your influence. Influence has the power to help us get promoted, become more trusted and recognized, and be seen as a leader who moves work forward.


Follow the simple but highly impactful RAVE Model to increase and strengthen your influence in the workplace. After the session, you’ll be able to immediately implement actionable advice for key areas of influence at work.


Learn from Lorraine K. Lee, a leader at the intersection of editorial and tech, a top-rated virtual keynote speaker, and an instructor with LinkedIn Learning and Stanford Continuing Studies. 


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • The RAVE Model and how to apply it to your daily life
  • Simple yet actionable ways to boost your influence, in-person and virtually
  • Mistakes you may be making that are hurting your influence


How To Lead With Impact: Strategies to Build Collaboration and Trust On Your Team

In today’s dynamic business landscape, cross-functional collaboration, open communication, and productivity are key to helping remote teams thrive.


However, when managers know how to lead their teams effectively — from implementing thoughtful onboarding and leading engaging team meetings to creating supportive feedback loops and building positive team dynamics — they create teams and cross-functional partners that trust each other and collaborate better.


This empowers team members to achieve their own professional goals while positively impacting company objectives.


Learn from Lorraine K. Lee, a LinkedIn Learning instructor with multiple popular management courses focused on leading highly functional remote teams.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • Essential elements to include when onboarding your team
  • How to leverage all different types of meetings to connect with each other and move work forward
  • Strategies for facilitating collaboration across functions and geographies


9 Essential Tips For More Effective Hybrid And Virtual Meetings

Meetings are a multi-billion dollar problem. And they’re not going anywhere.


And with more finite resources and human capital, meetings are a major factor in what can make or break an organization.


We have 250% more meetings every day than we did before the pandemic. We’re also spending more than half of our standard workweek in meetings, for a whopping total of 21.5 hours. It’s costing companies billions and leading to unhappy employees, burnout, and Zoom fatigue — a recipe for disaster.


Join Lorraine as she shares strategies for making your virtual and hybrid meetings more engaging, collaborative, and productive — so that your employees get more flexibility in their schedules, see better results, and have an overall more positive experience at work.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • How to drive engagement and create a productive meeting
  • Ways to ensure all voices are heard and included in the meeting
  • What you need to properly plan and prepare for your hybrid meeting


How To Build Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn is much more than a job search site. But with more than 1 billion members and a growing pool of new features, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out. These days, your online brand and presence are just as important — if not more so — to help grow your career and visibility.


If you want to build your brand, attract recruiters, establish yourself as a thought leader, and find opportunities you never expected, it’s time to learn how to take advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer.


Learn from Lorraine, one of the founding editors at LinkedIn and a LinkedIn Learning Instructor with more than 300,000 followers, who will share her insider tips and tricks for leveraging the largest professional social network.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • How to optimize your profile to get more opportunities
  • Best practices for sharing content to grow your audience and visibility
  • Techniques to build credibility and be recognized as a thought leader


Make a Memorable First Impression On Video: THE TEA METHOD

When getting on a video call with partners, teammates, or clients, first impressions matter. But with less physical space to make an impression and more factors to consider, like tech malfunctions and Zoom fatigue, standing out online can feel more difficult and overwhelming than it does in person.


The reality: Once you’re equipped with a few key pieces of information and frameworks, you’ll be ready to stand out in a virtual world.


Join Lorraine, a top-rated virtual speaker and video communications expert, who will distill everything she’s learned in an easily digestible way with tips you can implement right after the session.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • What the TEA Method is and how it can help you capture attention
  • Ways to appear more professional, memorable, and confident on video
  • How to create the perfect video setup

BONUS: Follow along with your TEA Method checklist to make sure you’re set up for success.


How To Present Like a Pro

Presentations are undoubtedly a cornerstone of business and will continue to be an essential way to share your ideas, gain buy-in, impress leadership, and ultimately help you stand out and succeed.


But for many, public speaking is the last thing they want to do. For those who do take the plunge, they’re riddled with anxiety and nerves. On top of that, virtual presentations present their own new set of challenges — both in terms of delivery and the content itself.


How do we stand out and break through the noise?


Join Lorraine — who brings her experience from presentation platform powerhouses including SlideShare and Prezi — and discover strategies and frameworks to present with confidence and create virtual presentations that capture audience attention and inspire change and action.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • How to feel and exude confidence during your next presentation
  • Why presenting virtually is different — and how to leverage its benefits
  • The 5-Step Presentation Attention Framework to build and deliver a captivating and persuasive presentation


Communicate with Confidence In a Virtual World

In today’s dynamic business landscape, virtual communication has become the norm, transforming the way we connect, collaborate, and achieve success.


While this shift offers unparalleled flexibility and reach, it also presents unique challenges in captivating attention and making a lasting impression.


You’re not alone if you feel that communicating effectively through a screen can feel challenging. Without the right strategies, it’s easy to get lost among the sea of video calls and remote meetings.


Join top-rated virtual speaker, virtual presence expert, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor Lorraine K. Lee as she unveils the secrets to mastering the virtual stage — whether you’re leading a team meeting, delivering a webinar, or pitching to clients — so that you exude confidence and professionalism knowing that you’re presenting your best self in a virtual world.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • How to appear more confident and competent on video
  • Tips and tricks to keep your audience engaged with your content
  • Best practices to optimize your video presence


How to Stand Out Virtually: Video and LinkedIn Essentials

In a world that’s increasingly relying on video, knowing how to present yourself and your message over video is going to be critical to your success. The problem is, being on video can be scary and overwhelming.


Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can ensure that you stand out, whether you’re leading a team meeting, hosting a webinar, presenting on the virtual stage or building your brand on social media sites like LinkedIn.


Join Lorraine Lee, a top-rated virtual keynote speaker, former LinkedIn editor, and popular LinkedIn Learning Instructor, for a webinar designed to help you become a more effective virtual presenter.


In this virtual session you'll learn:

  • How to be more confident on video and keep your audience engaged
  • Best practices for video meetings and events
  • Tips and tricks for sharing video content on LinkedIn to reach a larger audience


Lorraine K. Lee's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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"It was a complete pleasure to bring in Lorraine to Figma's AAPI ERG community during AAPI month as our special guest speaker to conduct a live workshop all about building influence as an Asian American professional at work. And the audience loved it! They raved about Lorraine's session immediately afterwards as they walked away with more confidence and clarity to bring their best selves to work. They were more engaged in the chat compared to previous speaker sessions, and one of the members shared how thoughtful and beautiful the entire presentation was which contributes to better engagement. She was also super organized, timely, and welcomed feedback (a huge plus in working with a speaker). I would give Lorraine a 10/10 and can't wait to bring her again in the future!"


"Lorraine brought high energy and practical advice to our Women Leaders in Data and AI session, How to Build Influence. This was an incredibly well-received session for our executive leaders. As the Director of Member Services, I aim to bring high caliber speakers to our events. Lorraine came prepared with so many helpful tips and tricks that our members can apply immediately. Our attendees had great feedback and this event was a win for us!"


"I recently invited her to speak at Zoom as part of our internal speaker series. Lorraine led a masterclass in engaging an audience virtually, including using cutting-edge tools to elevate virtual storytelling. She was by far the most engaging speaker we've had in the series."


"Lorraine is a fantastic speaker who has given two TED Talk-caliber sessions at Cisco. Her talks have been some of the most popular among our group. Her presentations are dynamic, interactive, and filled with real-life examples that resonated with our team members. I enthusiastically recommend Lorraine as a speaker and presenter to any organization. We hope to have her back again at Cisco soon!"


"Lorraine gave a session on the topic of building influence to our small group of affinity group members at eero/Amazon, and she did not disappoint! Our attendees gave glowing feedback about how useful and informative the session was. It was packed with a wealth of data-driven insights, actionable recommendations, and opportunities for audience members to weigh in and stay engaged. Lorraine was super professional, and her content made the hour pass by in a flash. We would love to host her again!"


"I would HIGHLY recommend Lorraine as an engaging speaker who consistently delivers valuable and actionable insights. As a moderator at a LinkedIn Asian Alliance ERG event where Lorraine spoke, I was so impressed by her captivating speaking style, she kept the audience fully engaged from start to finish. What sets Lorraine apart is her ability to provide actionable advice. She simplified complex and vague topics into practical steps that attendees could start implementing immediately."


"Lorraine was poised, warm, friendly, and a fountain of knowledge. I was impressed by her ability to maintain such an approachable energy while also positioning herself as a true subject matter expert. After seeing Lorraine speak, I've invited her to deliver some presentations to my current organization (the sales division of a global hospitality leader) all of which have received high-praise and rave reviews from participants. Lorraine is a pleasure to partner with, and an all-star presenter. I highly recommend her for any organization looking to grow their team members' public speaking, video, presentation, and social media capabilities."


"I'm so glad that Lorraine came to speak to the GitLab team during our All-Remote Communications speaker series. Her presentation was engaging, easy to follow, and introduced our team to new and innovative ideas on how to improve our video communications. Her presentation encouraged engagement in an authentic way that made everyone enjoy the call. Lorraine was open to having a Q&A after her presentation, which was a great way for our team members to connect with her directly."


Lorraine did a tremendous job presenting at TWE's Tech Fair using Prezi. She upskilled the team on how we can overcome "Zoom Fatigue" and build virtual influence to better engage with our stakeholders. Our team members were amazed at the quality of the content. Some stated they could not believe she was presenting live due to how professional she spoke and how interactive the slide contents were.


"To say that she was a hit would be an understatement. Lorraine was so engaging, articulate, and insightful throughout the session. She delivered the information in a way that anyone could understand and implement. The attendees got a lot out of the presentation based on the questions they asked and how engaged they were in chat till the end. Even during the planning phase, it was such a treat to work with Lorraine. She was always responsive, enthusiastic, ready to collaborate, and as kind they come. Truly an honor and pleasure to work with her. If you ever have a chance to listen to her, I highly recommend you take that opportunity."


Last November I was on an Alaska Airlines flight and watched a LinkedIn Learning video offered though their inflight entertainment. I found myself pausing and taking notes and when it ended, I knew that I wanted to invite Lorraine to speak at a BD NOW credit union event for business development professionals. She's a bright star and her expertise is critical in a world that is increasingly relying on video. Lorraine was a delight to work with - she listened, was totally engaged and enthusiastic about meeting the needs of the group, asked smart questions, and then delivered a value packed session for us!


"I knew I wanted to collaborate with Lorraine again. She did an amazing job being a resource for our Black History Month virtual career fair, that I immediately seized the opportunity to bring her back for a live opportunity. Lorraine was beyond what I expected in-person. She is an events manager’s dream, she is organized, punctual and produces thoughtful content for the intended audience. Her live presentation was filled with great insight about how to present your best-self on LinkedIn. She was an engaging speaker and even stayed around after her presentation to answer audience members’ questions."


As an organizer of Hawaii Women in Tech, I reached out to Lorraine to invite her be a panel speaker for our session on “Networking and Building Confidence.” I was thrilled that she accepted our invitation; I knew she would be a fantastic panelist because I had previously attended an event whre she had spoken on a similar topic. As a subscriber to Lorraine’s newsletter, I also knew that the focus of our session was one of her areas of expertise. Lorraine did not disappoint! We covered topics including how to leverage LinkedIn as a networking tool, growing and maintaining our professional network in authentic ways, and managing imposter syndrome. Lorraine offered dozens of practical, actionable steps to our members for addressing these questions and so many more. Her natural, conversational speaking style kept the conversation flowing organically as she addressed questions from our members and engaged in dialogue with fellow panelists. Our members are grateful for the valuable advice they took away from the session and we are delighted that Lorraine was able to be a panelist. If you are looking for an engaging speaker who brings a wealth of information about these topics, I highly recommend reaching out to Lorraine.


Lorraine is an excellent presenter. We asked her to record a short session for emerging newsroom managers in a Poynter Institute workshop about how to onboard and lead remote teams, and she fit lots of valuable information into the time without making it feel rushed or overpacked. Her presentation style is engaging whether she's live or recorded, and she struck the perfect combination of actionable tips with helpful on-screen text/graphics to reinforce her message. She was also wonderful communicating leading up to the recording — sharing an outline for feedback, then recording a dress rehearsal for additional input. She clearly understood our expectations and exceeded in how she delivered.


"Lorraine is a “go-to” expert that I’ve brought in multiple times to speak to alumni of Northwestern University. Each program Lorraine offers is incredibly popular and garners hundreds of registrants, far more than other speakers. Alumni recognize her name when it appears in our newsletters and her topics always speak to their interests. Our programs are scheduled for an hour but when Lorraine presents, the programs could easily run twice that length with the number of questions posed by our highly engaged attendees. Whenever I reach out to Lorraine, she manages to quickly accommodate me and is a gracious host who makes my job easier. If you want a speaker who will engage your audience, is warm and inviting, is credible, and has expertise as a LinkedIn Learning Instructor, you can’t go wrong with Lorraine."


"I attended Lorraine's session on Building Influence for Asian leaders at LinkedIn and it was of interest to me since I have grown up in South-East Asia and am looking for practical advice on how to influence without authority as well as craft-fully creating visibility in the corporate workplace. Lorraine had some great advice, practical tips (love that they were short & memorable) and her presentation style was so engaging and personal. I would recommend her to anyone learning to grow their soft skills with confidence."


"I took a 3-day course on influencing in the workplace and this 1 hour session was WAAAYY better than the 3 day course! I’ll definitely be recommending you to many people!"


I really enjoyed Lorraine's thoughtful Poynter Institute session. She offered an engaging presentation, helpful resources, and actionable tips to enhance workplace communication and team bonding. I've already put some of her advice into action and I'm seeing great results. Highly recommend Lorraine as a speaker and knowledge expert.


"I watched your interview with Joel, great insights about how to build relationships on LinkedIn."


"Your presentation today was one of the most informative and engaging I have experienced for a long time. Your session was so informative and practical that I acted on some of the tips immediately."


"Thank you for your amazing presentation today. It has been one of the best webinars I have been a part of. I learned so many practical tips I can immediately implement during upcoming career development presentations."


"Lorraine's presentation was one of the best I've ever seen post COVID. It felt more like a live presentation Disney style. Visually stunning, magical and so fun you want to experience it again!"


"I’ve always admired her work during her time at LinkedIn and this course is just as good. It includes tips for making sure introverts are heard or have ways to give feedback, keeping remote employees engaged during hybrid meetings and an amazing idea for those meetings that don’t require team input - Asynchronous videos. Great ideas in a short time. Check it out!"


"This is a very clear presentation and a reminder of why it is so important to get virtual or hybrid meetings/content communications right. Having the best meeting preparation on virtual platforms is more important than we realize."


"So many teams have simply transitioned their in-person meetings to virtual ones, but this course offers ways to alleviate meeting boredom and better use the tools on hand to truly engage each other in a virtual setting."


"Fantastic course on a great topic! The videos are clear and actionable for those who want to transform to a hybrid workplace model seamlessly."


"I was introduced to Lorraine in a free webinar about optimizing virtual meetings and this is so relevant and valuable - more than ever before! Share this with your managers and your teams to learn how to host better meetings."