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     Margaux Avedisian, known as the "Queen of Bitcoin" according to the Wall Street Journal, is a dynamic entrepreneur, performer, and tech innovator with over a decade of diverse experience. Her notable presence in the documentary world includes features in the Tribeca Film Festival's official section with "The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin" and the BBC's documentary "The Downfall of the Crypto King."

      In 2012, Margaux successfully relaunched the first American Bitcoin exchange and co-founded two others, which pivoted and remain operational today. Serving as the Executive Vice President for the Transform Group from 2016 to 2018, she played a pivotal role in leading PR campaigns during the ICO boom.

       Currently, Margaux is the Co-founder and CEO of Beyond the Runway, a pioneering B2B fashion tech company that specializes in providing virtual try-on experiences for online shoppers. The company, positioned at the forefront of fashion-tech innovation and a bridge to Web 3, was part of a prestigious accelerator alongside industry giants such as Prada, Valentino, and Armani.

        Beyond her tech achievements, Margaux is a multi-talented performer, seamlessly integrating entrepreneurship with stand-up comedy and solo show theater. Her performance, "The Queen of Bitcoin: The Rise and Fall," earned her the Producers Encore Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, with further recognition at the Santa Monica Binge Fringe.

       Throughout her illustrious career, Margaux has fostered connections between entrepreneurs and industry leaders, spoken at over 30 conferences, and hosted the podcast "Burning Bridges with Margaux." Her influence extends to academia, where she served as a guest lecturer at esteemed institutions such as Wharton, UPenn, and Lim College. Notably, MIT has incorporated her video into their Blockchain curriculum.

      Margaux holds a BA in Psychology and Chemistry from Mount Holyoke College and an MFA in Fashion Merchandising from the Academy of Art University, showcasing her unique expertise at the intersection of technology and fashion.

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