Mark Coopersmith

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Are you seeking to drive positive, entrepreneurial change and innovation in your organization?  Mark Coopersmith provides leaders and teams with insights, inspiration, and know-how to drive innovation and growth in organizations ranging from startups to global enterprises to government, to launch new business and initiatives, and to reimagine how things get done. His mission: help you challenge the status quo and drive change to your advantage!


As a Fortune 500 global executive and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Mark has spent three decades launching, building, and fixing high-growth organizations ranging from raw startups (his e-commerce and payments startup WebOrder is now owned by Google) to launching new divisions of multinational corporations such as Sony, to reinvigorating existing businesses, all while leading teams from 2 to 2,000.


For the past 20 years, Mark has also been a groundbreaking professor at UC Berkeley where he teaches entrepreneurship and innovation to students and executives from around the world. More than 100 new ventures have been launched in his courses and programs. 


Mark combines his high-energy, humorous, and engaging speaking style with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, incorporating real-world successes and failures, original insights and frameworks such as the 7 Stage Failure Value Cycle from his book, and practical tools to inspire and focus leaders and teams and help them attain the positive outcomes they seek.  

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