Mark Kelly

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Mark Kelly stands as a distinguished author and a prominent figure in the AI community, celebrated for his significant contributions in advancing and clarifying the field of artificial intelligence.


As the Co-Founder of an international AI Staffing firm, Mark collaborates with top-tier AI professionals, offering his expertise as an executive search consultant. His role extends beyond business leadership; as the founder of Artificial Ireland and the AI Awards, he has been instrumental in fostering vital dialogues and partnerships within the AI industry.


Drawing upon his extensive experience from conducting interviews with over 500 AI leaders from global technology powerhouses, Mark possesses a comprehensive and perceptive understanding of AI's impact across various sectors.


Renowned for his presentations, Mark is acclaimed for his ability to demystify complex AI concepts, delivering talks that are clear, in-depth, and highly relevant. His approach makes AI accessible and captivating for a diverse audience, bridging the gap between advanced technology and practical application.


Speaking Topics:


Exploring Current Global Trends

We'll delve into today's foremost trending topics, focusing on the newest advancements in technology, notably AI, and how global events are shaping our economies and societies. Additionally, we'll cover the critical importance of sustainability, the latest breakthroughs in healthcare, and the dynamic world of digital communication and media.


The Future of Work: A New Paradigm
The work environment of the future is being reshaped by emerging trends like remote working, the integration of AI and automation, and evolving skill requirements. Leveraging Mark's 16 year in international staffing, we'll examine the rise of flexible working arrangements, the necessity for ongoing learning, and policy considerations regarding the impact of AI on employment.

The Impact of AI Across Industries
In this segment, Mark will share what he has learned from 500 AI interviews with leaders revolutionising various sectors, from manufacturing with predictive maintenance to healthcare with personalised medicine, and finance with automated trading. We'll also discuss Generative AI's role in enhancing customer experiences, optimising supply chains, and driving innovation in product development.

Generative AI: Transforming Industries
The role of generative AI across industries has changed the game, whether it's creating new content, designing innovative products, or simulating training scenarios. Our exploration will cover its growing applications in entertainment, architecture, pharmaceuticals, and automotive design, highlighting creative and efficient solutions.

Understanding the EU AI Act & US AI Regulations
Mark will discuss the EU AI Act, a regulatory framework aiming to ensure AI systems' safety, transparency, and human rights adherence, particularly in high-risk applications. Additionally, we'll delve into the US approach to AI regulation, a more varied landscape with initiatives at federal and state levels, focusing on ethical AI use, privacy, and security.

Becoming AI Ready: Preparing for the AI Revolution
In this crucial segment, we'll navigate the journey towards becoming 'AI Ready', emphasising the need for businesses and individuals to adapt to the rapidly evolving AI landscape. We'll explore the key steps involved, from understanding the basics of AI technology to implementing strategic changes in organisational structure and culture, ensuring readiness for AI integration and maximising its benefits.

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“I cannot speak highly enough for the lead up work, communication and thoroughly professional approach Mark had towards our event. The event feedback was extremely positive. Highly recommend Mark.”

Paul Whitaker, Chairman at CICM

“Mark is professional, energetic and great to work with.”

Breda O'Toole, Head of Talent Transformation & Innovation at IDA Ireland

“Mark delivered a very compelling speech with the right balance of humour & seriousness around AI. The audience was captivated with lots of note taking.”

Matthias Grabner, Director of Technology at Advantage Austria

Mark played an important role in our 2024 outcome conference Improving Health Outcomes Through AI - both as the moderator on the day and in the organising committee. His in-depth knowledge of the developing field of AI in Ireland was very important for identifying the themes and the most appropriate speakers. His expertise and extensive understanding of AI combined with his calm and friendly personality made him engage well with the speakers and moderate the panel discussions with ease. Mark's moderation ensured the event ran smoothly, and gave conference participants a better understanding of AI applications in healthcare. In the evaluation, many participants commended how well Mark fulfilled the moderator’s role. We are grateful for his contribution to this event and look forward to future collaborations.

Prof. Jan Sorensen, Director of the Healthcare Outcomes Research Centre at RSCI