Mark Noon

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Mark Noon excelled in military and civilian healthcare leadership for more than 25 years. He is an Author, Actor, Speaker, Executive Coach, Husband & Father. Spending his early military days as a lab technician, Mark received a commission as an officer and an immediate promotion to a lab management role. As is true with many promotions, he entered this new role lacking the skills and training needed to lead others and his department. That experience shaped Mark’s career-long commitment to developing skilled leaders in all industries. Mark’s expertise includes employee engagement, leadership development, inspirational and motivational speaking, collaboration & teamwork, change leadership, creating value, and leading by values bridging generational gaps in all organizations, at all levels.


Mark served 20 ½ years in the U. S. Air Force, 12 ½ years as clinical lab director before retiring as a Major. Nine different assignments, seven states, and a tour of duty in the Middle East created experiences few in healthcare or leadership ever acquire. Following his military retirement, Mark brought his operational and service excellence expertise to Studer Group, and now to Leadership10. He is an expert at conveying the value connection— driving results by teaching leaders to cultivate value in the people they manage. He has taught the highest level of both civilian and military leaders about improving Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Self-leadership, Values, and Culture. Mark Noon specializes in Leadership Development, providing an exceptional foundational understanding of the Leadership Framework. He has coached and spoken in more than 265 organizations in 43 states and 1 province. Known for his energetic, affable presentation style, Mark easily connects with diverse audiences, in all businesses, by creating a positive environment where people are ready to learn. When he’s not traveling the country speaking to organizations and leaders, Mark lives in a small beach community near Destin, Florida, with his wife. He has 4 grown children, 1 daughter-in-law, and two dogs.

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