Matt Baume

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Matt Baume is a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber who specializes in pop culture history from a queer perspective. His essays and videos explore behind-the-scenes stories about iconic movies and television shows, and the fascinating people who made them. A GLAAD award nominee for journalism, Matt's work was described by the New York Times as “thoughtful and thorough … informative and funny." 


Matt's most recent book, Hi Honey, I'm Homo!, traces the evolution of LGBTQ+ characters on American sitcoms, and was selected as one of NPR’s “Books We Love” for 2023 as well as being featured by The Advocate, Savage Lovecast, Vulture, and many others. His previous book, Defining Marriage, chronicles the personal stories of people who fought for marriage equality over the last forty years.


Speaking Topics:


How Queer Television Comedy Changed the World (and How It Can Happen Again)

Enjoy a guided tour through the history of queer characters on American sitcoms! With clips from All in the Family, Cheers, Will & Grace, and more, this presentation highlights the ways in which laughter and comedy have been effective tools for spurring positive cultural change and fostering a more inclusive world. Audiences will hear fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about the making of iconic TV shows and their surprising real-world impact, as well as discover communication techniques that anyone can bring to their creative work, professional communications, and day-to-day life.


Where Does Queer Pride Come From?

Although many organizations host Pride events, not everyone knows why these events are so important or how best to participate. The solution: A fast, fun exploration of Pride history that illuminates the reasons for the annual protests, parties, and parades. Using archival footage, historical news coverage, and moving personal stories, this presentation will help everyone make the most out of Pride, from newcomers to seasoned pros. Audiences will gain a new understanding of LGBTQ+ history, best practices for respectful inclusion, and guidance for balancing politics with parties. 


Television’s Best Coming Out Scenes, and Why Coming Out Matters

Whether with awkward confessions, sympathetic support, or jubilant celebrations, television shows have tackled LGBTQ+ coming out stories from every conceivable angle — and as a result, have plenty to teach us. This presentation delves into television history to show how the act of coming out has been depicted in decades past and today. Along the way, audiences will gain an appreciation for the best (and worst) ways to foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. 


Thank You For Being a Friend: The Enduring Queer Joy of The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls aren’t just four funny ladies! Between the laughs, their ‘80s sitcom is loaded with life lessons about being an effective ally to the queer community. Whether helping friends to come out on their own terms, understanding the importance of legal equality, or combating the stigma around HIV, these women were steadfast allies both on TV and real life. This presentation features clips from some of The Golden Girls’ funniest and most meaningful scenes, and takes audiences on a guided tour of various ways that anyone can support and uplift marginalized communities.

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“Matt brought the topic of Queer Representation on Television to life with his engaging and interactive presentation, which he kindly tailored a bit to what we thought would be interesting to our LGBTQ+ ERG. Matt is very knowledgeable on the subject, and a fantastic, fun, and funny presenter. Additionally, communication with Matt was great. We’d be happy to bring Matt back to our group as a guest again.”

JP Shields, Senior Director, Communications & Policy at PBS SoCal, KCET

“Matt put on a fantastic presentation for my company about the queer history of The Golden Girls that was enjoyed by people across the company. His talk appealed to all ages and all types of people and it was something people were talking about for weeks after the presentation.”

Sean Todd, Chief Information Security Officer at PayNearMe

“Matt does an incredible job shedding light on how queerness has always been around, even in places you may not have noticed. He shows audiences how TV has impacted the LGBTQIA+ community in its many diversities and celebrates the shows that get it right! Book him now!”

Taylor Aucott, Executive Assistant, People Experience Enthusiast, and Culture Champion at Redesign Health