My name is Matthew Harmon, I am a winemaker and entrepreneur. I was laid off in late March of 2020, after looking for a new job for months i take a leap of faith. I started my own wine business. Starting and becoming the first black owned and first black winemaker in the state Virginia. Over the last year and a half I've been building my wine business and expanding not only my brand but going into other avenues of business and outreach . Helping others to reach their of turning their passions into a day job. I do speaking at events for entrepreneurs, those in the corporate world, and students. Encouraging them to find time for the things they are passionate about so as to not burn out, especially if they are not wanting to leave their 9-5 job. I also do a podcast found on Spotify called "Let's Wine about Business". Talking to educators, business owners, and business professionals about mental, personal, and business growth.

  • What is your favorite quote? "Neither the future nor the past exist outside the realm of thought"
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? I was laid off during 2020 and it forced me to make a decision about my future.
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Reading about Quantum Physics, Personal & Mental growth, and Business. Watching/Playing football with family and friends.