Michael Beutler

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Michael Beutler has extensive business experience in Senior Management positions. In 2022, he joined Moncler Group as their Chief Sustainability Officer. Prior to that, he was the Director of Sustainability Operations at the luxury group Kering.

During his tenure at Kering, Michael helped build a leading organization in sustainability. He oversaw the development of the Environmental, Profit, and Loss tool, which is internationally recognized as one of the most comprehensive environmental impact measurement tools in existence today. He was responsible for implementing sustainability across Kering’s Luxury brands and supply chains.

Prior to this, he was Global Director of Sustainability and Strategy at SAP, and has worked at international corporations such as DHL, PWC, and Ford over the past 15 years in finance and operational management roles. Michael holds a BA in Finance from Michigan State, an MBA in Operations, and JD in environmental law from the University of Colorado.

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