Michael Chernow

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Michael Chernow is a Serial Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, Podcast Host and expert in the world of wellness, fitness and nutrition. Most recently, Michael founded and launched Kreatures of Habit, an in-your-face lifestyle and wellness brand, reimagining how you establish healthy habits in your life. After years in the restaurant business in NYC, he realized that his calling was to be of service in a more personal way, with the ability to impact more lives. Honoring his 17 years of sobriety by launching his newest venture, Michael’s goal with KOH was to create easily-accessible nutritional products that are rooted in adopting the positive habits that transformed his life, and allowed him to replace alcohol with the nutrition and fitness he needed. Michael launched KOH because he wanted to share his belief in habits through his personal story of change, how our habits determine whether we are going to be successful in our personal and professional lives, just get by, or worse, be miserable. He’s a firm believer that every time we replace a bad habit with a good one, big or small, the greater a chance we have to live our best lives.

 Part of the KOH brand is the Kreatures of Habit Podcast, where Michael dives into his guests’ routines and habits, and how committing to them has helped paved the path to success. He hopes to share these success stories with listeners, but also to acknowledge just how much it takes to get there. 

Before launching KOH, Michael cultivated an extraordinary career for himself. After receiving an Associate’s Degree in both Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management in 2008 from the French Culinary Institute, he channeled his fire for culinary and community by curating and building some of New York City’s beloved restaurants. He opened The Meatball Shop in 2009 with childhood friend Daniel Holzman, which grew to several locations across New York City and resulted in the release of The Meatball Shop Cookbook in 2011, co-authored by Michael and released by Ballantine Books. In 2015, he founded SEAMORE’s, a Manhattan restaurant that combines Michael’s love of fishing and culinary expertise, expanding to five locations peppered across New York City. 

Michael’s impressive resume includes managing thirteen properties and four companies, hosting two seasons (26 episodes) of Food Porn on the FYI Network, being featured in the CNBC docuseries, Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business and appearing in many cooking shows including the Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, Kitchen Casino, and Chopped. In addition, Michael holds a natural pro status within the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB), has run a number of marathons and is known for challenging himself mentally and physically for hobby.

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