Michela Allocca

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Michela is a Financial Analyst & Entrepreneur specializing in Gen Z and Millennial money management. She focuses on instilling sustainable and intentional spending, saving, and budgeting practices into your life so you can reach your 6-figure savings goals. With over 1M followers on social media and her own set of signature online courses, Michela has successfully built a platform that speaks directly to the growing number of young people who are ready to take their financial power back.


Speaking Topics:


Budgeting Basics: Building a Financial Foundation in Your 20s and Beyond


Budgeting has a bad reputation. Most of us associated the “B” word with restriction, turning down plans, and eating ramen for dinner 5 nights a week. It doesn’t need to be this way; when created correctly, a budget should do the exact opposite. Most adults are not taught how to manage their money, and my mission is to help young professionals regain their financial power by learning practical budgeting strategies, improving their spending habits, and creating systems for long-term success.


What we cover:

  • My signature budgeting method, the zero-based 3-bucket budget
  • Setting financial goals, the right way
  • Spending guidelines and how to learn to spend on the things you love
  • Financial routines and creating systems for long-term success.
  • Can also talk about investing depending on the audience.
  • Pairs with Own Your Money


Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist


Throughout our entire lives up until we enter the working world, we are fed a lie: Work hard, and you’ll eventually find your dream job. If you pursue your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life. The sad reality is for most people, this isn’t true - and it leads to a vast majority of workers feeling lost and unfulfilled at work. It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right tools and strategies, you can start getting more out of your day job and redefine what success means to you.


What we Cover:

  • Your definition of success: what do you want out of your career?
  • How do navigate career pivots + changes
  • Creating a task-management system to take your career to the next level
  • The most important career lessons I learned that changed the way I approach work
  • Can also talk about resumes, negotiations, learning/earning, or other career-related topics depending on the audience
  • Pairs with Own Your Career (pub date: Jul 2, 2024)


Speaking to Younger Generations (Gen Z and Gen Alpha) About Money


Gen Z doesn’t want to hear financial advice from boomers or millennials; and for good reason. They have grown up in an increasingly expensive world, and are beginning to question the foundation of our society: what’s the point of working if we can’t afford anything? It’s a fair question, but it highlights the importance of a new wave of financial education and insight, and getting through to them is more complex than ever.


Target Audience: Financial Brands or any brands that want to reach Gen Z through social media advertising and influence their spending decisions.


What we cover:

  • Landscape of financial brands working with creators
  • Financial brand messaging that resonates and doesn’t
  • What younger generations are struggling with the most and how to talk to them about it
  • Ways to reach Gen Z beyond simple sponsored posts

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