Mike Domitrz

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Imagine a speaker who by the end of a single keynote has 95% of your organization transforming how they engage with each other, their leadership, vendors, and clients. Best of all? Each person walks away with specific skill sets to implement immediately.


Nowadays, bringing a speaker or expert who raises awareness around sensitive topics is not enough. You want a difference maker, a speaker who inspires the audience to take specific actions upon conclusion of the talk - actions that will help catapult an organization's performance.


With author, hall-of-fame speaker, and internationally renown expert, Mike Domitrz, each person gains specific strategies and solutions for building a new standard of excellence for the organization.


Corporations, educational institutions, organizations, and the US Military have been turning to Mike Domitrz for 3 decades.


With Domitrz, you get a high ENERGY speaker who will make it fun for each person to take a look in the mirror and learn how to overcome false narratives they may have written over the years around what it means to be part of a workplace culture. Each person will discover where they can grow and do more for deepening the foundation of connection. 


How is Mike so successful with diverse demographics? Mike understands that audiences want realistic and implementable CONTENT, especially HOW-TO Skills while also being uplifted and entertained. They want a compelling and powerful program that each person can relate to in a meaningful manner. For this reason, Mike takes each audience on a journey from hilarious laughter to hard-hitting questions and then provides the answers each person can use in their own life. In just the past decade, Mike's books have sold over 40,000 copies and the media has continuously turned to him as their subject matter expert. In 2015, Dateline NBC featured Mike as their expert for a special episode. You have seen Mike quoted in Forbes or The Wall Street Journal. As you can see on his schedule, Mike is typically sold-out months in advance - so call now to reserve a date. 

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Virtual In-Person

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Expertly ‘knowing his audience’, Mike tapped into the students’ Emotional IQ, met them where they are, and with his gentle wit and humor (and psychology knowledge) delivered to them the serious message of mutual respect and mutual consent. He can deliver to teenagers in an hour the emotional impact which the average curriculum of a high school health class may deliver in a term.

T. D. Waterman (she/her/hers), Science Teacher, Phillips Exeter Academy (NH)

On point and amazing!

Katie Hogan, School Counselor, Billings Central Catholic High School (MT)

Outstanding and needs to be heard by every American! My teenagers came home singing his praises.

Eleanor, Parent (D.C.)

A masterful balance of humor, sincerity, and critical engagement.

Mark Lederer, Director of Health and Wellness at Bishop O’Dowd High School (CA)

"Distinctively dynamic, inclusive, and relevant for today's youth - building a culture of consent & respect."

Christie Higuera, Miss Hall's School (MA)

Powerful and inspiring! Students loved Mike! His message was exactly what our students needed to hear and there were amazing life-changing take-aways.

Ms. Caitlyn Cheslock, School Counselor, Dominican High School (WI)

Mike has the ability to captivate audiences of all sizes. His humorous, no-nonsense approach to discuss sex, relationships, boundaries, and resonates with students who want to learn and be treated as college-aged adults. Mike is a fabulous partner and we always enjoy bringing him to campus promote positive bystander and consent culture.

Rebecca Geiger, Assistant Director, Penn State Gender Equity Center (PA)

I've been on campus since 1985 and yours is what I would hands-down nominate as the single most moving and empowering educational program I have ever students (and I!) were captivated by your engaging pedagogy and your brilliantly on-point messaging. 1000 thanks for coming to our campus and thank you for exemplary advocacy and enthusiastic delivery; what a winning combination!

Father James P. Neilson, St. Norbert College (WI)

"Exactly what our students needed! Lighthearted, sensitive, engaging, and educational!"

Stacey Duellman, Office of the Dean of Students at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"Mike's humor and empathy weaved with audience engagement helps to educate students on consent and bystander intervention into a way students can understand. ‘Can I Kiss You?’ opens the door for students to start having conversations about consent and how they can support one another, while relating to their current university environment and everyday situations. Our students' feedback speaks for itself: Mike's session is one of the most memorable from orientation!"

Caitlin McLeod, Supervisor Residence Life- Education & Leadership

"Can I Kiss You was an engaging way to get students talking about clear communication on dating and intimacy. Mike is an energetic speaker who was able to tie in the Mission of our university while having a dialogue with students about the importance of this topic!"

Amy Love, Asst Dean of Students, Catholic University of America (DC)

Warm and relatable, Mike skillfully develops a collective investment in supporting and protecting one another throughout the presentation.

Michelle Lambing, Assistant Director for Anti-Violence Initiatives, The College of New Jersey

Mike Domitrz is more than an author and speaker, he’s a partner. For the past ten years we, at Central College, have benefitted from his work through his active and engaging presentations and the voice he brings to a subject that may be awkward for students but is absolutely essential for their well-being.

Mark Putnam, Central College President

“Mike has perfected virtual presenting! His enthusiasm and dynamic speaking skills allow him to engage with the audience and hold their attention in a virtual platform. I love that Mike teaches about healthy sexuality using a “what to do” rather than a “what not to do” approach. Thank you for an amazing presentation and making things so easy for us.”

Ashley Willey, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator

“Being able to interact with Marines and sailors in a way that opened up their mind to different approaches to situations often seen in society was the best aspect of the presentation.”

Staff Sgt. Jared Stiles, Calibration Chief, Marine Base of Hawaii

Mike Domitrz is a true professional and expert. His unique ability to authentically connect with all audiences, on a subject that is often misunderstood, demonstrates his expertise and impact. Mike provides specific How-To skills each person at all levels of an organization - including at the highest levels of leadership – can implement immediately for building a culture of respect. His preparation and mastery of the material has earned him the credibility and trust within Special Operations across the Department of Defense.

Mike Kontio, Master Sergeant in US Army (Ret OR-8) Former Joint Special Operations Command SAPR/SHARP Program Manager and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC).

"Mike is unique in his ability able to explore sensitive topics with any group to include senior leadership, helping all build a better understanding of what is needed to create a positive, diverse and balanced work force.”

Chuck Marks, Captain in US Navy (Ret) Former U.S. Fleet Forces Command Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Coordinator

"I am so profoundly thankful that I was afforded the opportunity to learn from and work with you & your team. You are the change we need in this world, in this society, in this culture. The work you do is unparalleled, honestly."

Shannon, WI National Guard
  • What is your favorite quote? "Every human deserves to be treated with dignity and respect."
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? Meeting survivors years after they heard me speak and discovering how much our program positively impact their lives, including helping them see the strength and courage within them.
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Love traveling the world, biking around the area lakes, taking photos of the sunset over the water, playing with my grandkids, and time with family and friends.
  • Who do you look up to as a mentor and why? My Mom who without a college education went on to become a full-time head coach at a university and did so with a legendary career. She continued to coach part-time into her 80s and is still
  • Is there anything else we should know about you? Asking your audience questions that enables their answers to drive the keynote is what I LOVE creating for each event. The event quickly becomes the audience's event - while at the same time