Mike Lee is the founder of MindShiftLabs and possesses a tremendousbackground spending time on the court with elite NBA stars such as MVP StephCurry and All-Star Joel Embiid. He’s blended this experience—helping playersuse mindset and focus to shift their performance in an ultra-competitiveenvironment—with mindfulness, to level up business performance and personalleadership.His engaging, inspiring, and interactive programs atF500 companies andprofessional associationslike Morgan Stanley,AmFam,Cisco,SHRMand IBMhave earnedrave reviews from bold, driven, and future-focused leaders.Never acanned speech, he uses a 5-step process to customize each program to deliverrelevant insights and actionable strategies unique to your event theme ormeeting goals.Through his experience building an international basketball brand from hiscollege apartment, and growing it while battling anxiety and depression, Mikeunderstands the challenges leaders face in this rapidly changing, uncertain, anddemanding world.Drawing on the latest research from neuroscience, sports psychology, andpersonal experience, he’s shared stories and practical exercises—across theUnited States, Europe, and Asia—to help people find their own inner power andpoise to thrive in business and life. Mike is also the author of the internationally sold book, UN/TRAIN and the host ofThe MindShift Lab.

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