Mina Park

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Leading digital and international business strategy for a multi-billion dollar global companies and successful startups, Mina Park has over 20 years of experience as a Strategist and Business Developer, Growth Executive, and Team Leader.


Mina is a visionary problem-solver and inclusive solution-builder. Her customer-centric approach to increasing efficiency, improving effectiveness, and driving business focuses on bridging disparate perspectives to build innovations for the world’s most essential industries.


While overseeing global digital transformation for Hanwha QCells, a multinational energy company, Mina is leading change management as the company expands its sustainable solutions across Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the US.  


Mina opens people’s eyes to new ideas and approaches by creating clarity from chaos. By focusing on stakeholder needs, Mina has grown its business through new developments, mergers, acquisitions, and product introductions in the energy and technology sectors.


Informed by her background in marketing, computer science, and international business, Mina has helped transform companies as small as GELI–a San Francisco-based startup focused on energy storage design and automation software–and as large as Coupang, South Korea’s largest e-commerce marketplace.


As a working mother, Mina recognizes the necessity of remaining adaptable and forward-thinking in and out of the workplace. And as a member of the women’s CHIEF network, Mina is committed to empowering women leaders like her.


Mina Park is the Energy Digital Transformation Team Lead at Hanwha Solutions. Previously, Mina was the VP of Business Development at Hanwha QCells America, Inc. while also serving as Chief Strategy Officer of US-based Growing Energy Labs, Inc. and the Principal Product Owner at South Korea-based Coupang. Mina received her MBA from Harvard Business School and her Computer Science degree from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. Mina is bilingual in English and Korean and a proud mother of two children.


Speaking Topics - 


  • Acting Based on Integrity and Stakeholder Needs

  • The Importance of a Global Perspective in Solution Building

  • Leading With an Intuitive & Informed Strategic Vision

  • Inspiring & Supporting Working Single Mothers

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