Mitch Lowe

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Mitch Lowe is a top business and entertainment keynote speaker and is known for his contributions to the video and rental industry. He is the former COO of Redbox and founding executive of Netflix.


In the early 1980s, Mitch built a chain of video rental stores in Northern California called Video Droid, serving as a pioneer in the movie rental industry. In 1998, Mitch became VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Netflix for its first five years, and contributed to its growth, leading many of the partnerships that drove new subscribers to join Netflix, such as its partnerships with Best Buy and DVD manufacturers.


After leaving Netflix in 2003 after a successful IPO, Mitch joined the business development team at McDonald's Ventures to build a DVD vending machine business called Redbox, becoming its COO and President for 8 years. He grew the company tremendously, from revenues of $36k in its first year to over $1.5B 8 years later. Mitch has also produced several movies over the past few years; this includes Gotti, American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally, and 10 Minutes Gone. 


Mitch is currently a keynote speaker, and gives inspirational speeches to corporations, conferences, and students around the world, sharing stories of innovation and disruption, and highlighting the challenges of building new products and services. He also speaks on the future of leadership, entrepreneurship, company culture, and the $2 trillion entertainment industry.

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