Molly Grantham

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Molly Grantham's ease in connecting with people and clever wit, make her a sought-after and popular speaker. She is a 4x-Emmy Award winning journalist who has commanded hundreds of stages. Her insight into managing crises, bringing authenticity into work, and interacting with top leaders across the country, provides real-life parallels to draw for any company. She has five signature keynotes, but can customize for your audience. 

Team Building/Leadership Vulnerability: How do you make your whole team feel seen and everyone feel valued? In this talk Molly will provide specific examples on how to build a winning team that works to achieve big goals. Molly draws on lessons learned from interviewing top leaders, as well as those from her own role of solo-anchoring a #1 newscast in a large metropolitan city, with a team behind her that you don't see.

Words Matter: How to have crucial conversations. Molly has them every day for her job, and knows firsthand the power of words and listening. This speech is filled with real life experiences and takeaways for the audience to make them better at having crucial conversations.

Relationships: How do you create strong relationships, even with people of opposite thought? For over 20-years, Molly has successfully built relationships with people across an a wide spectrum of views and experiences. They trust her to tell their stories not because she's a cheerleader, but because she's fair. In this talk, Molly shares her key tips for building strong  relationships with people you disagree with. 

Get Your Story Told: How do you stay visible in this changing world? Some companies only share their stories on their own social media feeds and internal channels. That limits your scope. In this talk, Molly shares specific actions you can take from behind-the-scenes knowledge to get your story on more eyes. (Hint: It's not through a press release.) 

The Juggle Is Real: A six-step process on how to keep it real, get it all done, and not lose yourself in the process.

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