Molly Morrison started her career in sports media at the age of 12, when she created a Memphis Grizzlies fan page on Twitter (@madeinmemphis1). For seven years, she anonymously grew the account into the most popular Grizzlies fan page in Memphis. When she was 18, Molly revealed her ownership of the page, which continues to thrive under her management to this day. Although her initial foray into Twitter seemed at the time like it would be hard to top, Molly blew her first success out of the water with the emergence of her personal account (@mollyhannahm). In less than two years, she went from 2k to 50k followers and was verified. She is widely respected in the Twitterverse as one of the most prominent personalities on NBA Twitter and is followed by established sports media figures like Katie Nolan, Marcus Thompson, Mina Kimes, and Tommy Alter. 


As her Twitter following grew, Molly successfully established a presence on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where you can find five episodes of her Made in Memphis Show. In partnership with Blue Wire Podcasts, Molly hosts the podcast Burners and Basketball, where she and co-host Adam Aaronson discuss hot NBA topics. She also writes for SB Nation's Memphis Grizzlies blog Grizzly Bear Blues. 


Molly graduated from the University of Memphis with a journalism degree in May 2022. She can be reached through the Engage platform for marketing inquiries, booking requests, and other experiential requests or opportunities. 

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