Nathan Jamail

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Nathan's experience spans over two-plus decades, during which he has masterfully combined the roles of coach, educator, and thought leader, dedicating his life to enhancing the realms of leadership, employee coaching, and cultural development. His expertise has been sought after by a diverse array of industries, including financial services, technology, military, manufacturing, and hospitality, to name just a few.


As a prolific author, Nathan has penned four best-selling books, with "Serve Up & Coach Down" being his latest acclaimed work. His books are appreciated globally, and the principles he shares from them have become the backbone of numerous organizational cultures.


Before embarking on his journey as a renowned author, coach, and speaker, Nathan garnered extensive experience in the corporate world, holding the position of Executive Director for over two decades. In addition, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to own and operate seven distinct and successful businesses, further enriching his vast reservoir of knowledge and experience.


Nathan embodies the essence of leadership and selling skills, not merely teaching them but living them daily. His dedication to personal development and his sincere commitment to serving and uplifting those he guides underscore his passion and purpose. Nathan's journey is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about igniting transformation.


With over 25 years of firsthand experience, Nathan stands as a distinguished leader in sales and leadership. His journey, encompassing both corporate roles and small business ownership, has equipped him with unparalleled expertise. It is this deep well of knowledge and experience, along with his high energy and motivational spirit, that makes his teachings profoundly effective and impactful.


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Nathan empowers sales teams to unlock their maximum potential by imparting the significance of "The Powerful Selling Mindset" and its role in boosting performance. He underscores the necessity of purposeful practice in mastering "the skill of selling," illustrating that Sales Leadership goes beyond selecting a selling skills system. True leadership lies in the effective implementation, coaching, and nurturing of a firm belief in the system, setting the foundation for a transformative selling experience.


Moreover, Nathan champions the following principles:

  • A coach's primary role is to enhance their players' capabilities, not just accumulate experience.
  • The significance of Scrimmaging (as opposed to Role Playing) as a tool enforced by Sales Leadership to simulate real-life scenarios which fosters higher confidence, and higher success.
  • Cultivating confidence from within, making it visible and believable to others.


Additional Takeaways:

  • How to create a thriving sales culture
  • The difference and ‘how to’ in coaching teams versus managing teams • How to develop thriving employees
  • How to create a stronger belief system that can overcome any obstacle in any market
  • How to encourage employees to go beyond their current level of success
  • Instilling the feeling of pride and understanding the power of sales professionals
  • How to improve employee and personal accountability
  • Creating a sense of the power of self and team development and growth



Nathan empowers leading organizations to grasp the root causes behind their struggles in order to meet (and exceed) organizational goals. His proven principles have transformed thousands of leaders into the foremost figures in their respective industries.


Nathan's approach emphasizes:

  • Alignment: Fostering a culture of 'Serve Up & Coach Down' to streamline leadership and team dynamics.
  • Empowerment: Encouraging ownership of decisions rather than necessitating involvement in every decision-making process.
  • Commitment: Demonstrating leadership commitment through dedicated coaching, improvement of team skills, and enforcing accountability. This approach ensures that employees dedicate themselves fully to leaders who are genuinely invested in their growth and success.


Additional Takeaways:

  • How to create a thriving team culture
  • The importance and the ‘how to’ of leading through change
  • Ensuring there is organizational alignment for top productivity and coherence • Understanding how to go from vision to execution
  • The difference and ‘how to’ in coaching teams versus managing teams
  • How to develop thriving employees
  • How to create a stronger belief system that can overcome any obstacle in any market
  • How to encourage employees to go beyond their current level of success
  • The importance and ‘how to’ in removing organizational silos
  • How to improve employee and personal accountability
  • Creating a sense of the power of self and team development and growth



Nathan guides Sales Professionals on the journey from initial prospect engagement to fostering meaningful relationships, and ultimately, transforming these relationships into profitable partnerships.


His methodology includes:

  • Scrimmage Practice: Encouraging sales teams to engage in scrimmage (instead of role-play) before every client meeting, emphasizing that thorough preparation is the key to success.
  • Consultative Selling Skills: Teaching the art of consultative selling, where understanding and meeting the needs of the client is paramount.
  • Mastery of Selling Skills: Stressing the importance of professionalism and proficiency in a chosen selling skill program. Nathan explains why excellence in these areas is critical for overall success in sales.


By focusing on these core areas, Nathan's approach equips sales professionals with the tools they need to excel in today's competitive and ever-changing marketplace.


Additional Takeaways:

  • How to develop a powerful and positive mindset
  • Creating belief in self, team, and organization
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles
  • How to learn the skill of selling, not just the steps
  • How to implement a practice program (scrimmaging) that works
  • Understanding that selling is a noble profession; “Selling is Serving”
  • Learn the process of Consultative Selling
  • How to gain trust and understand prospects and client’s perspective and priorities
  • How to ‘overcome’ objections and provide real solutions
  • Creating a sense of the power of self and team development and growth
  • Learning the importance and impact of ‘Self Accountability



Nathan's teachings reveal to leaders that the foundation of a thriving culture goes beyond mere strategies and team slogans.


Instead, it's about:

  • Decision Making: Emphasizing the importance of leaders making the right decisions, even when they are not the easiest ones, to guide the team forward.
  • Cultivating a Desirable Workplace: Focusing on creating an environment that not only attracts but retains great employees by meeting their needs and expectations.
  • Fostering Growth: Highlighting the necessity of building a culture where employees can truly thrive, achieving both personal and professional growth.


Nathan demonstrates that the key to a successful culture lies in leadership actions and the creation of an environment where excellence is nurtured.


Additional Takeaways:

  • How to create a thriving team culture
  • How to be the best version of ourselves
  • Understanding that a positive attitude is not just a saying, but a way of being
  • How to have a limitless belief system
  • What it means to serve others and the positive impact
  • How to work effectively as a team to go beyond
  • How to encourage an employee to go beyond their current level of success
  • The importance and ‘how to’ in removing organizational silos
  • How to improve employee and personal accountability
  • Creating a sense of the power of self and team development and growth

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"Nathan’s workshop ‘Creating a Winning Culture’ is refreshingly direct and immediately actionable. While I believe Nathan’s principle-based messages are applicable to almost any organization, I appreciate even more the time and effort he took to really listen and understand how to apply it to our company. Nathan is superb at getting to root causes and addressing real issues that will impact performance."


"Nathan took time to understand our business model, and integrated his presentation with relevant language and illustrations particular to our company. It’s been two months since he presented here, and our sales force is still buzzing over what they learned, and how they put it into action, and asking when we will have him back! More than anything, Nathan is an authentic “walk the talk” guy, that exceeded our expectations!"

LYNDA MYERS Financial Services / Capital One

"Nathan’s passion and attitude are contagious! His ability to engage an audience and compel them to take action, is truly impressive. If you are considering investing in your people, Nathan will deliver the value and execute beyond your expectations. We plan on forging a long-term relationship with Nathan and his team."

Cisco JOE LOHMEIER Manager, Regional Sales Central Texas Select / Cisco

“Nathan Jamail conducted a Sales Leadership training for 45 sales and engineering leaders. The Sales Leadership training would be better described as a highly interactive engagement with a continuous exchange of thought provoking ideas. Through entertaining and relevant dialogue, Nathan challenged the leaders to evaluate their leadership approach in terms of expectations, coaching/practice interactions, fostering a positive environment and continuously hiring and cultivating great talent. Nathan was able to maintain engagement and participation throughout the 6 hour session through high energy, fast paced dialogue and interactive exercises. The training was extremely valuable to the leadership team by creating a consistent set of leadership expectations, introducing common terms and increasing leadership collaboration.”


"Enjoyed is an understatement. He was phenomenal!! I heard comments from seasoned folks that he is the best they have ever heard! He did such a great job of personalizing his presentation to our group. He took the time to learn our organization, our acronyms (and we have a ton), meet some of our people and incorporated that into his presentation. He even wrote lyrics to a little song using our acronyms that was hysterical… I would highly recommend him!”

JEANNE OSTERLUND National Sales Director / US Healthworks

“After speaking with our sales team, I received only positive feedback from the morning we spent with Nathan. I’d highly recommend having Nathan speak with any sales force or group of sales leaders regardless of the current situation. Nathan’s message is one that can be inspiring for both senior level sales and entry level sales people as well as sales leaders. The message is succinct and to the point and really leaves you with an upbeat and optimistic attitude, that is, we’re living the dream every day!!”

KEN SMITH President / Georgia Pacific

“Nathan is a high energy individual and it makes the message more believable when you can see that this guy knows how to be successful. Nathan took a lot of time to learn about our organization and tailor his remarks for our benefit. I would certainly recommend him to any group with new or experienced managers.”

MARVIN MUTCHLER President & CEO / First Savings Bank

“Nathan, thanks for the energy brought to our team! The material in your book is spot on and your delivery is even better. You provided an opportunity to reflect on areas on my business that need improvement. These areas are not complicated, just difficult, and with that complexity, decisions don’t get made and challenges continue to slow progress.”

MICHAEL CONRAD Executive VP / JanPak

“Nathan is an excellent motivational speaker who brings a vast amount of business experience and parlays that into a great message for employees. Nathan does an excellent job of providing guidance to employees on how to win”

KEVIN KAPPLER District Director / Sprint

"You were a big hit with our leadership and sales team, so thanks for making me look good."

FRANK MARRACCINO Executive VP of Sales & Marketing / United Auto Credit | Corporate

"In the 20+ years I've been in sales management, I've booked dozens of keynote speakers ranging from 4-Star generals to World Series-winning managers to captains of industry. In that time, no speaker has made a more positive impact on his audience than Nathan Jamail. His enthusiasm, passion, understanding of human behavior, and earnest nature all contribute to making him incredibly engaging and effective. Mr. Jamail's strength is his ability to deliver practical messages in a relatable way that is equally appreciated by and beneficial for any demographic or global culture."

BROOKE CHRISTIAN Senior VP - Global Sales and Marketing / TransPerfect

"I was extremely impressed with today’s presentation. I gained a huge amount of insight and inspiration from the presentation. Nathan’s “real world” approach and relevant analogies are without a doubt effective and impactful. I’m excited to see what I am able to do by using today’s presentation to change my approach to coaching."

ERIC SHEFFIELD Verizon Wireless

“I am so grateful to have had Nathan work with my team and I twice now. The benefits have shown themselves over and over again. Highly recommend bringing Nathan Jamail into your world.”

STEVE FOX Microsoft - VP

"Nathan was absolutely the most dynamic speaker I have ever seen and I know that our people thoroughly enjoyed him as well!!"

MELISSA REGAN Recruiting Manager / United Auto Credit | Corporate

"In February 2014 we chose Nathan Jamail to be our key presenter at our Sales and Management Conference. Attendees included Corporate Management, Sales Management and Sales personnel. Nathan’s presentation on how to be a Sales Professional was outstanding. As a matter of fact we were so pleased with what he delivered in February that we invited him back to talk to Sales Management only recently, to assist them in managing, coaching and holding our sales team accountable for their results. His second presentation was equal to if not better than the first. If you are looking for someone to assist you and your team be better sales professionals I would recommend you listen to what Nathan has to say."

JERRY M. BAUER Chairman & CEO / Bauer Built, Inc

"I wanted to send you a thank you. I was at the Marco leadership training in Minneapolis a few weeks back. I have taken a lot of the items you’ve discussed and implemented them. My one-on-one's are dramatically more productive, and I have 3 interviews prepped for my recruiting efforts. My team has taken to the practicing very well. So much so they randomly come into my off to just ask and do it ad hoc. On my whiteboard I have one of your quotes so when I talk to my employees it’s actually over their head to see. It says “accountability is a selfless act” Thank you so much. As time goes on I know this will help with our customer interactions and sales. You are an incredible speaker and I truly enjoyed the time! No question one of the best trainings I’ve ever been in!"

JOE GRADY Region Sales Manager WI/IL/UP

"Nathan came highly recommended as a keynote speaker to help TelePacific accentuate specific themes to our direct sales leadership team at our recent sales management training in Las Vegas. Nathan's session was voted one of the highlights of our several day meeting as he not only delivered meaningful and relevant content, but did so in a highly passionate and entertaining manner that kept everyone engaged. I look forward to working with him again and leveraging his deep knowledge and understanding of sharing how to be a coach and not just a manager, It left a lasting impression on our team which we fully expect to pay dividends in our sales results."

KEN BISNOFF Founding Executive Team Member. Telecom/IT services

"Very powerful message in which we can utilize in business and personal life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your ideas to become a better leader. Nathan is very passionate, energetic and most of all REAL in his message. You are now my mentor in becoming a better leader and building a winning business team. I can't say enough how his message has changed my outlook in life!!!!"

DENISE SAUCEDO Verizon Wireless