Nicole Kalil

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Nicole’s passion for eliminating gender expectations and redefining “Woman’s Work” fuels her as an in-demand keynote speaker, leadership strategist, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” Podcast.

Her direct experience at the C-level with a Fortune 100 company, as well as her work in coaching hundreds of women in business, has given her insight as to what – structurally, systemically and socially – is and isn’t serving women and leaders within an organization.

Beyond Nicole’s practical experience, her slight obsession with confidence sets her apart from the constant stream of experts telling us to BE confident, in that she gives actionable tools – not just stories – to BECOME confident. Nicole Kalil’s mission is to guide leaders in creating professional environments where women will thrive.

Nicole spent most of her professional life with a Fortune 500 company, where her passion for leadership led her to become the first female Chief Development Officer in company history.

Working in the male-dominated financial services industry has given her experience and insight into what’s working, and what may not be working, in developing productive women and leaders within an organization.

Coaching Women in Business and Developing Leaders

Nicole is one of the top female speakers in financial services.

She currently coaches over 190 women in business, consults with Fortune 500 companies, and speaks to women and leaders about how to win at work, at home, and as a team.

Both of Nicole’s parents immigrated to the United States, her father from Mexico and her mother from Germany, making her a first generation American. She credits her father in teaching her strong work ethic, confidence, and willingness to take risks. Her mother taught her the organizational skills and effective time management that allows for her to excel in complex and challenging roles.

Nicole’s first love is coaching and she believes strongly in giving the gift of high expectations.

Core Values

● Commitment
● Courage
● Authenticity

She is focused on demonstrating these on a daily basis. Maintaining harmony in her different roles of mother, wife, and business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge, and choice management is a much more important skill today than it ever was.

Nicole has worked with organizations such as: Veterans United, SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Northwestern Mutual, The American College, and NFP.

Maintaining sanity in her roles of mother, wife, and business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge, and she enjoys wine tasting and reading in her free time!

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