Nikki Greenberg

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Nikki Greenberg is a world-leading futurist and innovation strategist, focussed on preparing organizations for a tech-enabled future. She helps leaders reimagine their businesses to bring them into alignment with the increasingly digitized way that people live, work and communicate today. She has held leadership positions with Fortune 500’s, and most recently served as the Head of Technology Strategy at QIC, an Australian investment manager with a $70 Billion portfolio of assets under management. She is the founder and global ambassador of Women in PropTech and former three-term co-chair of the Technology & Innovation Council for ULI in New York City. Holding Master degrees in both Architecture and Commerce, Nikki’s approach brings a balance between pushing possibilities, and practicality. Nikki is a highly regarded thought-leader, frequent speaker at leading global conferences, commentator in the press, and recipient of numerous international awards.


Speaking Topics:


  • The 2050 Opportunity - Shaping Cities of the Future

  • What Buildings Will Be Like When AI Takes Over

  • The Anyplace Workplace

  • The Productive Office

  • Gen-Z: The 2030 Opportunity

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Virtual In-Person

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"Extremely engaging, fascinating stuff."

Max Gross, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Observer (New York)

"Best presentation of the day!"

Mike Butcher, Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch (London)

"I listened to her presentation to the Appraisal Foundation. Very interesting! Was taking notes as fast as I could. I love her futuristic vision of our world moving forward, could not agree more."

SR, Chief Appraiser, Freddie Mac (Washington DC)

"Very insightful!"

RM, CEO, The Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (Toronto)

"I came away feeling inspired and rejuvenated!"

CM (Dallas)

"The power of Nikki's message simply cannot be ignored."

MW, Managing Director, JLL (New York)

"What Nikki said resonated throughout the rest of the [executive board] meeting. More than once, our asset/portfolio managers said “as Nikki referenced earlier”. It was really a perfect fit for us."

MB, AEW Capital Management (New York)

"Nikki was so amazing and [we] are receiving rave reviews from the event attendees."

DV, President, CREW (San Antonio)

"I believe the audience had their eyebrows raised a few times and the leaders starting to think about generation Z more seriously. I hope that we get a chance to have [her] onboard again in another setting, great way for everyone to get up to speed on the trends out there."

JN, CBRE Global Investors 2021 (London)

"The perfect blend of charisma, levity and insight."

CS, Global Real Estate, IBM (Washington DC)

"They thought the topic was on point for what we’re all going through as we transition back to work. The [audience] felt engaged and were not bored with anything. It was great - really great!"

JS, Director of Major Events, CREW (San Antonio)

"The feedback on her session has been amazing. A lot of different people have contacted me to tell me how much they enjoyed it, but also have already been suggesting things we need to start doing as a business (or doing better) because of what she highlighted and discussed."

AB, CEO, Frasers (Sydney, Australia)

"I’m so thankful that we engaged Nikki Greenberg. It was such a great way to segway to talk about our organization’s future vision."

MCB, Vice Chair, Appraisers Foundation (Washington DC)

"It was a great one to close out on. Sometimes we are so busy thinking about the problems of today that it's great to be challenged to look ahead."

Director of Major Events, National Association of Realtors (San Antonio)

"Nikki’s topic ‘The 2030 Opportunity’ enabled us to all think about what’s coming next, highlighting mega trends that will shape the future of our industry. [We had] an outstanding turnout and insightful event, thanks so much Nikki!"

Opteon (Sydney, Australia)

"Nikki’s keynote was a hit and everyone loved chatting with [her] throughout the event. My phone was blowing up with people telling me how much they loved what [she] had to say!"

RL, Director, Barings (Marco Island, FL)

"We would love to have [Nikki] again! The audience loved hearing about the vision and optimism around AI in our field."

Director, Urban Land Institute (virtual)