Noemi Wierwille

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As a purpose-driven, C-Level Executive for one of the most dynamic non-profit organizations in the world, Noemi Wierwille is committed to infusing equity and justice into the systems and structures most impacting the livelihood of future generations. As the Chief Learning Officer at Teach for America, Wierwille leads over 60k current and former educators, along with thousands of advocates, entrepreneurs, and policymakers, in disrupting traditional education and improving equitable access to opportunity for youth across the country.


Wierwille has seen the change empowered young people can create for their families and communities. And she has dedicated her over a 20-year career to driving action and transformation for those supporting them to lead the way. Influenced by her natural curiosity and growth mindset, Wierwille quickly emerged from an educator and administrator to Program Director, Vice President, Senior Vice President, and member of Teach for America’s C-Suite Management team. Wierwille’s strategic leadership in development, analysis, and operations has contributed to innovation and assets worth over a billion dollars, accelerating Teach for America’s reach, responsibility, and results.


With vast cultural experience in and out of the country, Wierwille approaches complexities with an emotional intelligence lens that enables clear, inclusive strategies that strengthen people and organizations. And her relational leadership style ensures her network of changemakers and coalition-builders feel supported, uplifted, and motivated to drive progress.


As an executive coach and facilitator for leadership cohorts within childhood education, as well as a youth ski coach and involved parent within her community, Wierwille is a champion for young people. And she believes that if individual growth and development can be supported earlier on, more impact can be contributed in a lifetime.


Speaking Topics-


  • The importance of a lifelong learning mindset

  • How to innovate for impact

  • Allowing young people to lead societal change

  • How learnings from education inform opportunities to disrupt other systems

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