Nolan Gasser

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A renowned composer, pianist, musicologist, and tech entrepreneur, Dr. Nolan Gasser has had a front-row seat on both sides of the entertainment business. As a composer, his works have been performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and opera houses / theaters around the world. As a musicologist, his book, Why You Like It has become the definitive work on musical taste. As co-creator of Pandora Radio and now the founder of Katch — a cutting-edge film/TV data analytics firm, he has overseen revolutions in both the music and media sectors. Now, Dr. Gasser brings his unique experience and creativity to arts-based and corporate audiences with a set of stimulating and insightful lectures — on why we love music, how music increases productivity, and the data revolution in entertainment. Music is a universal in our lives — a source of joy, social bonding, and physical & emotional wellness; it is a window into who we are as individuals and collectives. Learn why in these stimulating lectures.

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