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Omar Johnson is a marketing innovator in the art of building world-class brands. As former CMO of Beats by Dre and VP of Marketing at Apple, throughout his career, Johnson has led all facets of marketing, ranging from brand development and positioning to advertising and global digital marketing. Under Johnson’s tenure, Beats grew from $20 million to a $2.0 billion dollar category leader, becoming the #1 premium headphone in over 25 countries, which led to the subsequent purchase by Apple for $3 billion in 2014. Adweek named Johnson a “Brand Genius,” and Business Insider named him one of the “Most Innovative CMOs” in 2016. Additionally, Johnson has worked on hundreds of winning marketing campaigns while at international brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Campbell Soup. Johnson produced some of Nike’s most memorable TV commercials including “Rise,” starring LeBron James, “All Together Now,” featuring Kobe Bryant, and “The Most Valuable Puppets”.


 Since Apple, Johnson has founded ØPUS United, a modern brand management company comprised of a multi-disciplined collective of award-winning executives, athletes, strategists, creatives, and musicians, who understand the anatomy of world-class brands. Through his work with ØPUS United, Johnson has also been actively involved in developing initiatives, such as We The People and We Got Next, and authored Dear White Corporate America to encourage conversations around racial equity and the empowerment of younger generations to take action through polling, voting, and representation within the government. Johnson is from Brooklyn, NY. He received a BS in Biology and Chemistry from Georgia State University and an MBA from Goizueta Business School at Emory University


Keynote Programs- 


B2H- Business-to-Human Marketing And Marketing 3.0- What's Next?


As the marketing mastermind behind Beats by Dre, Omar Johnson raised the bar on what it meant to go viral, elevated influencer marketing to a previously unimagined level, and turned Beats from a phenomenon into a movement. How? He believes that all marketing is B2H (Business to Human)–a human-centric approach to marketing that combines people, product, and storytelling to create amazing experiences and an authentic sense of purpose for your brand.  Drawing from his experiences at Nike, Beats, Apple and several tech startups, Omar shares his inside tips and methods for delivering incredible experiences to customers and employees. As CEO of brand management firm ØPUS United and ØPUS  Intelligence Lab, a software company that is revolutionizing marketing tech through the use of Artificial Intelligence and other tools, Omar is once again at the forefront of “what’s next,” leading strategists, creatives, and technologists developing  the next generation of marketing breakthroughs and technologies.  In this timely talk, Adweek “Brand Genius” proves that whether you call them consumers, clients, or customers, people are human beings first—and marketers must look beyond data and numbers for insights that activate them at this universal level. He also looks at the world of modern marketing and media, where the rules of customer engagement have changed,  customer experience has lost its meaning, permission marketing rules, and customers themselves have become creators and social media influencers. Whether you’re a CEO, marketer, creative, or in the media, this enlightening talk will reveal what’s next—and give you actionable insights on preparing for a rapidly-changing future.


Leadership: Meeting People Where They Are

The idea of the majority workplace culture is changing. Instead of expecting everyone to fall in line, employees are encouraged to bring their individuality to work, such as their culture, gender, or sexual orientation. While celebrating and encouraging individual differences is good for breaking groupthink and innovating, it is also hard to manage as a leader. In this engaging and thought-provoking talk, Omar Johnson discusses the challenges and benefits of meeting people where they are. Audiences will come away with an understanding of employee differences, which can provide for a better work environment that enriches the company culture and the bottom line.


The Beats Story: Building A Winning Company Culture and International Brand

When Omar Johnson left marketing giant Nike to become employee #3 at a small, niche headphones company, no one could have imagined the phenomenal success story that was about to take place. Within four short years, Beats by Dre rose from $20 million to $2 billion in sales, beating out Bose to become  #1 in the category worldwide before being acquired by Apple for $3 billion. Along the way, Omar expanded the headphone market way beyond male audiophiles on airplanes to women, athletes, musicians, fashionistas, and celebrities. What’s more, he created his unconventional, breakthrough marketing on a comparatively shoestring budget. He also built a winning company culture that personified diversity, leading a flat organizational structure where ideas, creativity, and innovation flourished. In this entertaining and illuminating talk, Omar tells the inside story behind the Beats worldwide phenomenon—sharing lessons and insights for any organization aspiring to reinvigorate their culture, reinvent their industry, and activate their employees to reach for the stars.


Building Tech Companies From The Ground Up And Harnessing AI

Omar Johnson, the visionary marketing leader who transformed Beats by Dre into a cultural phenomenon, takes the stage to ignite your imagination about founding and growing tech companies. Now a successful tech entrepreneur and AI expert at Opus Intelligence, Omar will share his unique insights on harnessing the power of technology to disrupt industries and create groundbreaking experiences. His most recent success is Opus Intelligence, a tech company that is revolutionizing marketing, brands, and the use of AI in the marketplace. In this thought-provoking keynote, you’ll discover:

  • Marketing secrets: Uncover the unconventional strategies Omar used to propel Beats to global success and learn how they can be applied to your own brand.
  • The AI revolution: Explore the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence and its potential to reshape industries from marketing to product development.
  • Building the future: Gain actionable insights on how to leverage technology to innovate, connect with customers on a deeper level, and stay ahead of the curve.
  • From passion to purpose: Omar’s inspiring journey from Brooklyn prodigy to industry leader will leave you empowered to pursue your own vision and make a lasting impact.

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