Pablos Holman

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Pablos' is one of the hottest speakers in the world. He is an inspiring technology futurist, an inventor with 70 patents, an innovator, and one of the most renowned hackers in the world with a unique view into problem-solving, and breaking/building new technologies - talents that he has used for more than a decade at a lab in Seattle, where, he lead 150 scientists and engineers in creating the solutions to world-level problems.


Pablos’ TED talks are going VIRAL online, totaling 30+ Million views (his first TEDx talk, from 2012, has over 20 Million views) Pablos has led a wide variety of futuristic invention projects to solve world-sized problems, including a fission reactor powered by nuclear waste and a device that shoots mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers to help eradicate malaria – part of a mission with over $100M in funding from Bill Gates. He also was one of the original minds building spaceships at Blue Origin with Jeff Bezos, and he created the first 3D printer to ever print food, as well as helped to create the #1 selling 3D printer in the world, the Makerbot. In 2019, he appeared as a featured expert throughout the critically acclaimed documentary, “Machine”. Currently, Pablos is the host of the Deep Future podcast and is leading Deep Future investments in startups that are implementing science fiction to solve the biggest problems in the world.


His speech is extremely compelling and inspiring, and you will hear some audience members say he was the best speaker they have ever seen talk about technology and the future! He is a futurist who is creating the future! He wants to inspire people to create solutions, invent, and problem-solve – by looking at the world through the eyes of a hacker. Pablos has his popular podcast called Deep Future where he interviews the smartest people he knows.


He has spoken at the biggest events in the world including The United Nations, Davos World Economic Forum, and Google’s Zeitgeist. Pablos was invited by Bill Gates to speak at the Microsoft CEO Summit. After Pablos’ speech, Warren Buffett decided to sit next to Pablos at lunch… Pablos wrote about it in a post online here: "Warren Buffett sat down next to me for lunch at the Microsoft CEO Summit last week. We sent back the fancy food and got burgers, cookies and milk instead. We had so much fun that we skipped the next session and hung out for another hour. Everything you've heard about Warren is true - he's a delightful person that makes you believe it must be possible to be successful without becoming a jerk."


Pablos was the closing speaker for FORTUNE’s 2019 CEO Initiative event in NYC. Pablos is invited by Jeff Bezos to go to his MARS conference, an invite-only event where less than 200 of the top minds on the planet converge to talk about robotics, AI, and going to Mars.

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