Pandit Dasa

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Pandit Dasa is a keynote speaker on Workplace Culture, The Future of Work, Resilience, Mental Health, and Mindfulness. He is an author and former monk who now speaks at many Fortune 500 companies and the world’s largest organizations.  His speeches and workshops aim to create a more mindful workplace culture that improves retention, address the challenges of “quiet quitting,” and increase productivity. He provides practical tips on how to maintain positive social connections with colleagues in a hybrid work environment. He encourages leadership and co-workers to lead by example, prioritize self-care, and appreciate the success and contributions of their colleagues. This attitude fosters trust, enhances collaboration, and greatly impacts employee performance. 


Pandit captures the audience's attention by sharing his journey on why he spent 15 years living as a monk in New York City and why he’s no longer a monk. Some of the organizations he has spoken to are Google, NASA, London Stock Exchange, Citibank, IBM, AT&T, State Farm, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Kellogg’s, HP, Cadillac, ADP, Nationwide, Whirlpool, Pinterest, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, AMC Theatres, Intel, Royal Bank of Canada, AMC Networks, Novartis, Comcast, TD Ameritrade, JPMorgan Chase, The World Bank, World Government Summit, SHRM, Oracle and many others. He has been featured in publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, WSJ, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, Euromoney, and Men's Journal. 




Mindful Leadership: Walking the Talk 

Leaders set the tone and mood for the rest of the organization. To fully inspire and bring out the best in the workforce, leadership has to lead by example and “walk the talk.” They can’t say one thing and do another. To attract, engage, and retain top talent, leaders need to create more human and employee-centered workplace environments.  This talk will address the importance for leadership of all levels to not only set the right example but also, on a regular basis, appreciate the contributions of their workforce, communicate mindfully to encourage and inspire, lead with humility and without ego, and manage their emotions. It’s also crucial for leaders to support the mental health and overall well-being of their workforce. The research on mindfulness and its application in the workplace will also be presented. After this keynote, participants will be able to:

1. Communicate with empathy and learn to listen to understand and not only to respond

2. Create a culture with a sense of belonging and appreciation in the workplace

3. Learn to lead by example and in the mood of a servant leader

4. Implement mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve focus and productivity

5. Better manage their mental health and emotions to remain calm during challenging situations


Creating a Mindful and Positive Workplace Culture: Strategies for reducing quiet quitting and keeping employees happy

The growth and overall success of an organization is defined by its culture and leadership. A positive workplace culture enhances teamwork, collaboration, and morale. As a result, it boosts employee engagement, efficiency, and retention.  This presentation will address the importance of creating an environment where ego battles aren’t driving the company down and where individuals are willing to put aside their own self-interest for the sake of the greater good. It encourages an environment where individuals are willing to appreciate the contributions of their co-workers instead of feeling threatened by them. The research on mindfulness and its application in the workplace will also be presented. As a result of this keynote, the audience will be able to:

1. Communicate with awareness, clarity and compassion

2. Create a sense of inclusion and belonging at work

3. Manage their emotions to handle stressful and high-pressure situations

4. Learn to create boundaries for their self-care and mental health

5. Express appreciation towards the work of their colleagues

6. Utilize mindfulness breathing and focusing techniques to lower stress and improve productivity


Mental Health, Mindfulness and Resilience: Tools to Thrive During Stressful Times

During our current time of change and uncertainty, our stress and anxiety levels can go through the roof. Navigating a hybrid work environment can create greater challenges to our work-life balance. It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to maintain our mental, physical, and emotional health so we can take care of ourselves and our families and remain productive in our professional lives. This talk will address the following items:    

  • Importance of positive relationships
  • Maintaining work-life boundaries
  • Staying connected in a hybrid environment
  • How diet impacts health, mood, and productivity
  • Unplugged sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Maintaining a personal hobby


Participants will also learn the science behind mindfulness and will be guided through a variety of mindfulness practices for reducing stress and improving productivity and emotional intelligence. Some of the practices are as follows:

  • Breathing - for stress reduction
  • Focusing - for improving one's ability to concentrate and focus
  • Gratitude - to shift to a more positive mindset

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Pandit set exactly the right tone for a recent event my team and I created for leaders in the HR and talent attraction space. His keynote on mindful leadership was inspiring. Pandit emphasized, among other things, that "self-care isn't selfish," adding that it's important for leaders to "lead by example, not just in how you perform in the office but also in your own self-care and wellbeing." After his keynote, many of the attendees at this event told me how much they appreciated Pandit's keynote, quoting several things he said back to me. Pandit closed his keynote with a group meditation as well. Along with inspiring, Pandit is warm, accessible, and has a good sense of humor — all the qualities you might want from a keynote speaker!

Jim Martin - Indeed

I had the privilege of working with Pandit as a guest speaker for my firm, Morgan Stanley. Pandit combines old age wisdom with modern corporate culture. Our topic was Fostering a Positive and Mindful Workplace. Pandit's message is a strong one and he delivers impactful information. I hope other corporations look to Pandit if they want to dive deeper into meditation and mindfulness. It brings a richness and balance that would otherwise be lost in corporate America. Your employees will experience a genuine sense of well-being that he displays and shares with everyone.

Johanna Jackson , Portfolio Associate, Morgan Stanley

THANK YOU for an amazing session with our global HR community for our HR Summit 2020. The chat in the segment was lighting up, with comments, feedback, WOW’s and appreciation for the entire discussion. Your story is truly one of a kind and you have a gift in engaging an audience even in an entirely virtual setting. Our HR Leadership team was so impressed with your session and the mindfulness exercise was a big hit all around. The survey results are still rolling in but you were by far in the Top 3 most impactful segments of our summit. Thank you!

Amy Freshman, ADP

I had the pleasure of working with Pandit as we kicked off a new health and wellbeing initiative for our employees. Pandit is a charismatic, knowledgeable, and powerful speaker. He treated our employees to an incredible session on mindfulness, sleep, diet, and the importance of appreciation in the workplace. He engaged the audience with thought-provoking questions and left us with skills that we can practice moving forward. He ended the session with a calming guided meditation left our employees feeling rejuvenated and refreshed as well as an insightful Q&A. Thank you, Pandit! We hope to partner again with you in the future.

Angie McDonagh, SAP Concur